Monday, November 17, 2008

Exercise of the Week: Wheel Lunges

If you're looking to shape up those legs this is a great exercise to do it! I like to do these holding a 35 lb plate. It gives your biceps a great workout and makes you use those abs to stabilize yourself. You can do these with regular hand weights, a med ball, or with no weights at all. Start on your right leg and do a full set on the right, and then do a full set on the left. This will help you to fatigue those legs!
1. Start with your feet together. Lunge to the front with your right leg.
2. Press of your right leg from your front lunge to a side lunge. In doing this place all the weight in that right leg and shift your weight into your right hip.
3. Press from your side lunge into a back lunge. From the back lunge press of that right leg and return to standing.
That makes one full rep. Start the next rep on the same side until you've done 10-15 on the right leg. Repeat on the left side.
These are sure to whip you into shape!!