Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Veggie Omelette

I have, for a long time, been a hater of eggs. I like them one way that my dad prepares them, and that is about it. I don't like the smell, the texture, etc. Not a fan.
Well, lately I have been trying to increase my protein intake. With my not eating red meat and fish it makes it hard sometimes to get the protein I need. I was searching for quick, easy high protein meals and I kept coming across omelette recipes. At this point I decided I needed to be bold, to step out of my "usual' and try something new.

Here's what I did.

1 whole egg
3 egg whites
a dash of low-sodium salt
a dash of pepper
a dash of Lowry's Seasoning
-wisk all of this together until the egg yolk is broken up

Heat up a medium sized frying pan and spray with cooking spray
Pour in egg mixture and allow to cook.
When able to flip omelette.

Now being a non-egg-eater, I don't know what proper egg/omelette etiquette is for when to add what, but at this point I added my veggies. I LOVE tomatoes and green peppers so i diced up a roma tomato and third of a green pepper, added them to my omelette folded it, and let it keep cooking. I sprinkled a little more Lowry's on top for flavor and, Voila!

The verdict? I LOVED it. It seriously was SO good. It was filling, and the best part...the nutrition facts. Ringing in at about 160 calories and with a little over 18 grams of protein. So amazing, I know. It was super easy, very delicious, and I think i'll have fun expirimenting with new veggies. In fact, I think I'll make another for dinner again tonight.

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