Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Think Thin Bar {Reviewed}

Confirmed: I eat because I like.
The new think Thin chunky Peanut Butter Bar, I did not eat. Because I did not like.

Sometimes I have a hard time getting my protein in because I have a very on the go schedule, and I only like lean chicken and turkey. So, protein bars have been a great answer to my problem. I was STOKED when I found these new think Thin bars because they have 20 grams of protein, ZERO grams of sugar, and ring in at 240 calories which isn't bad for a meal replacement bar. They are a little more expensive than the other protein bars I usually buy, so I was expecting them to be really great.

Unfortunately, I was VERY disappointed. I feel like I have acquired a taste to the protein bar realm of eating. I usually don't mind them; there are some I even crave, and I HATED this one. I seriously took one bite and couldn't get myself to take another. I threw the whole thing away. TOTAL waste.

Am I alone in this? Has anyone else tried these guys? Maybe a different flavor? Until I hear differently I'm steering clear.