Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Skinny Jeans Workout

They're in. Like them or you might as well learn to like them, and like the way you look in them as well.
Yep. Skinny Jeans. Follow this workout and those gams will surely be feeling it!

3 sets of each, alternating between exercises:

Round 1
alternate with
15 single leg lunges on the physio ball
(Stand with feet shoulder width apart in front of the physioball. Place one foot on top of ball, think shoe-laces down, and roll back into a lunge. Repeat on other side.)
15 Squats with the 50 lb bar
(on your shoulders, you can use dumbbells if needed)

Round 2
30 Walking Lunges
alternate with
12 Dead Lifts on Bench with bar/DB's
(Stand on a chair/bench/stair and hold your weight in front of your thighs. Keeping that back flat bend at the hips like you're going to touch your toes with the weight. If flexibility allows you to go down past your toes. Keep that back flat, shoulders back, and come back up slowly to standing.)

Round 3
Step ups on the bench with 15/20 lb DB's(15 on each leg)
alternate with
Single Leg Squats (15 on each leg) the end you want to have done 3 sets of each of these exercises. It should take you about 40 mins...and your legs should be toast by the end! If not, up the weight!! Now, go get your skinny on!