Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quick Tip.

Protein shakes are delicious. They are a great way to get in some lean protein, and can be eaten on the go if needed. Blenders can be a pain though. Here is a quick cleaning tip for you. Once you make your shake rinse out your blender with water. Fill it up about 1/3 full with hot water and some dish soap, and then put the lid back on and blend up the water/soap solution. It is a great FAST way to clean your blender, and get all the way down to the blades. Rinse out the soap and set it on a towel to air dry. Easy as that!

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Englishfam said...

I am obsessed with the magic bullet. I use it ALL the time for my protein shakes and don't have to wash out a blender every time. Just another helpful hint! :)