Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flatout Fantastic

The people over at Flatout are really aiming to please these days. I have mentioned my love for Flatout Wraps before. They are great for wraps, thin crust pizzas, quesadillas, or burritos. I LOVE a good peanut butter and banana wrap on these guys. TASTY! Well, you can imagine my excitement when I wondered across their new Flatout Artisian Flatbread. They are shaped like an 8 so you can fold them in half and eat them like a sandwich. Genius? Yes. They come in three different flavors; Traditional Country, 5 grain flax, and Rosemary and olive oil. I opted for the 5 grain flax and was NOT disappointed.
How can you be disappointed when these are the nutrition facts? Seriously, awesome.
These wraps are available at almost all grocery stores, but they an be tricky to find. Look near the deli counter, or ask for some assistance if you can't locate them. Click HERE for the Flatout website if you would like some more info on their products, and some creative and delicious new recipes. Try them, they are divine.

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