Monday, May 17, 2010

make that a combo meal

Tonight for dinner I had a burger and fries. I actually laughed to myself as I ate it because I realized I can't actually tell you the last time in my whole entire life that I can say I had a burger and fries. Maybe when we used to go to Hardee's with my grandma? I think I was like 6...Are you shocked? Don't be.

My Burger:
A Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger on a Flat out Fold it Wrap with some lettuce and smothered in a bit of salsa. It was SO good.
(total calorie count 220, with about 20 grams of protein)

My Fries:
(total calorie count about 150)

Combined 370 calorie dinner. Not bad! It was super tasty and very filling.

Calories in 5 Guys Regular Hamburger (700 cals) and regular fries (620): 1320 calories!
(This is without ANY additions to it...add mayo you're tacking on another 100 calories. Cheese? 70, Bacon? 80...adds up pretty quickly.

*For all of Five Guy's nutrition info click HERE.

I pick my version...thank you.


Nichole said...

I laughed when you said something about Hardees. How funny! That picture makes me want to puke! I love french fries though! Bad Bad! Luckily I don't eat them to often!

Becky said...

Oh dear, Hardees. Haven't heard that name in years.

Okay, it's always so good to see the calorie count on local joints. Eek. I think I'll be trying your recipe soon.