Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some Weight Loss Walls You May Need To Break Down

Frustration with weight loss is no stranger to those who want to change the way they look and feel. It happens to so many people, and if you aren't careful it can be the start of a cycle that will cause you to gain weight instead of lose it. Instead of getting frustrated with what isn't happening, do some evaluations of what IS happening. Your success may be close by, on the other side of a wall that needs to be demolished. I posted recently about overcoming plateaus, and these suggestions all go together. So, if you are feeling the's time for some evaluation.
Wall #1: You are relying solely on your exercise to change your body. I've said it over and over HAVE to improve your eating habits if you want to see a difference. The combination of exercising and eating right is what will bring results. You simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet. It is impossible.

Wall #2: You are fooling yourself with your food. I hate to break it to you, but most people think they are eating better than they are. Truth: If you are not seeing probably aren't. Get serious about it. Write your food down in detail if you have to in order to allow yourself to see what you are really eating. Consider the fact that you may not be eating correctly as well. Getting the right foods makes ALL the difference.

Wall #3: You lack consistency. Read HERE for more info on how to be more consistent and why it is life changing.

Wall #4: You are being unrealistic. If your body fat is low, your weight is low, and you are in good may not need to lose any more weight. Unfortunately, the world has given women such ridiculous expectations as to what they should look like. Many of these expectations aren't even healthy, and cause women to do CRAZY things to achieve unrealistic, unhealthy results. Consult with a professional to determine what a realistic goal is for your body. There are definitely some mental walls that we put up that can be difficult to deal with as far as body image is concerned.

Wall #5: Your body has other issues that are causing you to stall at your weight loss. If you feel like you are putting forth an extremely honest and solid effort, and you still aren't seeing results, there is a chance that your body may have another underlying issue such as a hormone imbalance, a thyroid problem, or a medication that is stunting progress. These are issues that need to be addressed with a doctor.

Wall #6: You are living too gloriously with your cheat meals/days/weeks. This is a simple one. If you are overdoing it with items that are considered "cheats" all the time, you will be very unlikely to see any changes at all.

Do any of these walls seem familiar to you? If so, KNOCK THEM DOWN! Make the changes you need to make to allow for some progress. Success is just around the corner.


Kacie said...

This is JUST what I needed to read today. Thanks for the post.

Kara and Glen said...

Thanks for the reminder!

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