Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who wants to be fit??? WII do!!

In the fitness world it seems that every day there is something new on the market. The same goes in the world of technology. It seems lately these two worlds are colliding more and more. One of the latest crazes is Wii Fit, for the Nintendo Wii. This game system provides an interactive approach to your health. With possibilities such as the balance board, the yoga mat, and exercise mat. (I'm sure there will be more accessories to come.)
After entering your height and age, the Wii fit uses the balance board to weigh you and record your BMI, placing you in a health category so you know where you need to improve. It guides you through a series of exercises such as push ups, lunges, pilates movements and yoga poses. This is a great way to keep kids that love their Nintendo active! The only negative part about it is this focuses more on strength and muscle tone and doesn't work very much on cardiovascular health which is a very important aspect to the overall health picture. But anything that gets you stepping is a step in the right direction!

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Jenna said...

I forgot to tell you about this! Swavek and I are basically obsessed. I wish you were down here so you could give it a try (if you know anyone who has one I think there are a few exercises that the personal trainer in you will love!)

If you gain weight (which the wii thinks I did because the scale was off, telling me I weighed 13 lbs less than I really do), your little mii character will get a larger belly and look really sad. It was so funny.

The lunges and pushup/side planks exercises are the hardest I have ever done! Seriously, who knew a lunge could be that difficult? I can barely finish the 10 on each side!