Monday, September 7, 2009

Kick the sugar to the curb!

Let me start by saying I am a sweet tooth by birth. I've told you all that before. I LOVE candy. I love treats. I love sweet delightful sugary goodness. I could give you a very long list of all my favorite weaknesses...Red Vines, Mike n' Ikes, Peanut M&M's, Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears, Caramel Popcorn...etc. etc. etc. (FYI: That is barely scratching the surface. I could go on and on.)
So, my habit of cutting sugar out of my diet wasn't an easy change for me. It wasn't something that I thought would be fun and easy, believe you me. HOWEVER, I was frustrated. I was working out like a mad woman, and not seeing the results I felt like I should be seeing. I began to study up more on nutrition, and ways to see a difference. Every where I went I read about changing your diet; eating foods as close to their natural form as possible, avoiding processed flours and sugars, and increasing fresh fruits and veggies. I took this to heart. I decided to ditch the crap.
NO candy, treats, desserts, and as little processed white flour as possible. SCARY. I didn't know if I could do it.
But, I have.
DISCLAIMER: I am a FULL believer in moderation in all things. If you are the type that can have a little bit of a treat, and then feel satisfied and walk away this may not seem necessary to you. I however am not. I stick my hand in the bowl of caramel popcorn, feel like since I've had a little bit I've already botched my good eating and suddenly the bowl is empty and my sticky hands feel as gross as my sugar coated tummy.

Let me throw in another side note. I decided in the beginning I had to have some sort of "treat." So, I allow myself to have some fat free frozen yogurt every now and again. (nobody's perfect folks.)

Have I seen results? Yes. I increased the amount of cardio I was doing when I started the regimen and I have definitely seen results. I can see more muscle tone. I have lost weight, and my body fat percentage has dropped.
Has it been difficult? Yes and No. It was hard in the beginning, but it has since been a lot easier. I notice how many excess calories I don't take in by the little treats and candy that surround me!
How else has it affected me? I think I just feel better all around. I sleep better. I have more energy.

I think the key idea here is. Almost always, when you are consuming foods high in sugar it's an "extra." It's not the main part of a meal. It's the candy bar you're snacking on, or the dessert you're eating after you've already had your dinner. This "extra" simply means extra calories. In order to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit. When you're adding in "extra" calories all over the place this is less likely to happen.

So my challenge to you? Give it a shot. See if you can hack it. Try it for a week or a month. See if you can feel the change in your body. I think you just may :)

The Flat Out Wraps I mentioned in my last post can be purchased at almost any grocery store. They can be hard to find so don't be afraid to ask at the Deli Counter if they have them. They are usually located in the Deli section on stands in front of the meat counter. I have yet to find a grocery store that doesn't carry these. You just have to look for them.

The La Tortilla Factory Tortillas are a little harder to find. Click HERE to go to their store locator. You'll be able to put in your Zip code and find the closest location to your house. If you are a Utahn I have only found them at Albertsons and Good Earth.

My favorite Protien bars?
I love the Zone Perfect Bars. They have a great consistency and thier stats are pretty comparable. They have 210 calories and 15 grams of protien which is great. They are a little higher in sugar than I like to see, but if you have a hard time getitng your protien in these are a great way to go. You can find these almost anywhere. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Bun, Fudge Graham, and Chocolatey Caramel Cluster.
Disclaimer: You might get addicted to the Chocolate Mint. It tastes like Girl Scout cookies..YUM!

I also like the Balance Bars. These are similar in stats to the Zone perfect bars, but have a different consistancy. More nougat-y, if that makes any sense. I like the Peanut Butter and the Caramel Nut Blast.

*I'll do a post later with more of a variety of different protien bars and why they are good/not so great...but for now those are my faves. :)


Leisa said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and LOVE it! You have the best advice. I couldn't believe the topic of this post when I opened it up. This is a goal I set recently, (I've been reading about "clean eating" and LOVE it). I'm pregnant, so weight loss isn't possible right now, but I hope to have mastered the concept by the time weight loss is possible. Thanks for this post, I needed some reassurance that giving up some of my favorites (diet soda and chocolate) WILL make a difference.

The Smith Clan said...

You are awesome Megs! I marvel at your will power! That's coming from someone who is addicted to sugar!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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