Monday, September 28, 2009

Workin 9 to 5

In a perfect world there is ample time and energy to work out. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we live in the far from perfect world. Long stressful days filled with work (beit in the home or in the office) can leave you feeling less than energized.
I have a darling friend who happens to be one of my running idols. She runs like a maniac, and she even raises money whist doing it. Aside from baking miraculously, being extremely fashionably savvy, and being incredibly gorgeous; She just entered into the big time business world in San Francisco.
A few days ago, (sorry for the delay my dear), she texted me with a concern that I'm sure she's not alone in. Her question..."How does a full time working woman avoid putting on the desk job lbs?"
A VERY legit concern. One that I'm sure that many of you share. Sitting behind a desk can mean inactivity, which means lower calorie burn, which can be dangerous.

So what does a workin' girl do?
Here are my suggestions...

1. Make a plan. Before your work week begins sit down and map out your schedule. Figure out windows in your day that you might be able to get in some physical activity. If at all possible try to get your workout in before you go to work in the morning. After coming home from a long hard day of working, exercising can seem like the last thing you want to do. If you can't fit your workout in before or after work, go for a walk during your lunch brake, or run up and down the stairs if weather isn't permitting.

2. Journalize. If you can't get in the workouts you want, you have to be more particular with your food. You want to make sure you are burning more calories than you are taking in. Click here for an estimate of what your calorie burn. Subtract 500 from that, and you'll have a pretty good ball park of what you should be eating in a day, calorie-wise.

3. Pack your bags. If your plan is to workout after work, pack your gym bag and bring it with you to work. Go straight from work to the gym. If you allow yourself the option of going home to rest, you might talk yourself out of it.

4. Find a workout buddy to meet you when you have time to work out. If you have someone waiting for you your chances of making it happen will increase.

5. Take mini breaks. Every hour get up and do a lap around the office. Do 10 squats. Go up and down the stairs. Do something to get yourself moving.

6. Replace your office chair with a Physioball. This will help you keep your core tight, and increase your ab strength. It will also improve your posture.

7. Avoid the breakroom/vending machines/birthday platters...etc. etc. etc.. This goes back to having a plan. Have a food plan as well. If you plan ahead and know what you're eating, you won't be stuck making crunch time/starving unconscious decisions. If you know you are having company lunches find out before time what is on the menu, so you know how to best fit it to your situation.

8. Don't be a succor to the "this is just the way it is...I'm going to have to accept it" ploy. YOU have the ability to become whatever you want to be regardless of your circumstances. Work hard for what you want. You'll get it. :)

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