Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here it goes...

My life has been insane for the past couple days...

Shopping list.
Lots of food.
 Not a lot of sleep.
 Lake Powell  here we come.

See you next week :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Done and Done.

First of all. 
How are you coming on your goals for the week?
I'm two for two with my workouts thus far. I actually can't believe I've fit them in this week because between getting everything ready for Powell, finishing the bathroom remodel project, and wanting to hang out with my Mom while she's in town life has been Craaaazy.

About the bathroom. I promised here they are:

Here is the bathroom before: Isn't that a lovely shade of green? Blegggh. (If that is currently the color of your apologies?)
 This is the dresser that we found on KSL to refinish. Isn't that Ivy lovely ;) I's a shame we painted over that beautiful detail.
 Now, I must interject to say my mom and dad are the ultimate bomb. They are so fabulous to entertain my crazy ideas and projects, and always so willing to help me with whatever I need. I am partially convinced that my mom actually works for Martha Stewart, and my dad is just about as handy as they come. They make an awesome project crew.
I wanted to stripe my walls, so after spending a LOT of time painting the room white, we measured and taped off one wall to paint the stripes. The prep work is definitely the biggest pain ever. We were all schweaty and tired. 
 And pretty dang gross (on my part)...I promise I don't always look like I just worked out...oh wait, yep I actually do always look like that.
 All of the taping and perfectionism on my daddy-o's part  was well worth it. I LOVE the way my stripes turned out.
 We decided to refinish the dresser in a darling shade of yellow.
We exchanged the regular knobs for some polka dot ones with a little bit of character. 
And Voila! I thought it all came together quite nicely.
What do you think? 

 If you wondering how this ties in to health and goes.
1. Manual labor/refinishing furniture/painting is a WORK OUT
2. Having a cute bathroom makes me happy. Happy = healthy.
3. I now have great storage for the one million headbands/hair ties/bobby pins/anti chaffing products/deodorant etc. that make my workout life possible. I am a freak about working out with my hair in my face.
Was that good enough for you?
I hope so. Who else wants to refinish furniture/paint rooms/redecorate? I'm in!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Set it. Don't Forget it.

I am going to make this simple. 
I love Monday's for one reason, and one reason alone. I always feel reinvigorated to get moving again. It seems to be a great day to get back on track after the weekend is over. I know many of you have said you feel the same Let's start this Monday of RIGHT.

Set a goal for THIS week.
Just one.
One thing you can focus on specifically throughout this week.
Something that is measurable, and achievable.
Something that will help you move forward in the direction you want to progress in.

Set it. Don't forget it.

My goal is to get in a great high quality lifting workout in Monday-Thursday before I head down to Lake Powell.

Let's start this week off right. 
What is your goal going to be?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Shoulders are a' Burnin

Saturdays are so great. I love waking up without my alarm and having to wonder to myself...what day is it? Should I be awake? Oh...I can go back to bed...ok. It's just so great.

I woke up. Ate myself some Kashi GoLean Crunch, and headed to the gym. Today's workout:

Shoulders and Abs

Warmed up for a few minutes on the elliptical.
I alternated a shoulder exercise with an ab exercise to maximize time usage and allow for some muscle recovery.

Upright Row to an overhead press - 15 lbs/12 reps/3 sets
Alternating Leg touches (from laying down to full sit up) no weight/20 reps/3 sets

Alternating Front Raises - 15 lbs/12 reps/3 sets
Lower Ab Leg lifts to a crunch - no weight/15 reps/3 sets

Lateral Raises - 12 lbs/12 reps/3 sets
Extended Plank slow oblique mountain climbers no weight/20 reps/3 sets

Rear Deltoid Bent Over Raises - 10 lbs/12 reps/3 sets
Single Leg Planks with forward rocks no weight/60+ seconds/3 sets

I felt like that was a fairly sufficient shoulder workout...however, I had no idea what I was in for as far as my afternoon was concerned...My mom and dad picked me up and we went on the hunt for a dresser to refinish and some supplies to repaint my bathroom. You see, one thing that is fantastic about my parents is their down right amazing-ness when it comes to projects. They are so great. We spent most of the day in search mode, and finally came across exactly what we were looking for.

My bathroom was painted an awful sickly green color by the girl who was in it before me, and so I have always wanted to change it up. I spent the rest of my afternoon painting! Oh my burning shoulders! If they weren't tired before, they are sufficiently exhausted now. If you are looking for a great shoulder workout just hold your arms above your head for like three hours. Also, I think I did about 900 calf raises, so I should be set for the week there too. I have taken some before photos and will definitely take some after shots. I can't wait to show you! I hope your weekend has been great so far!

Happy Saturday! xoxoxo

What was your Saturday workout? Do you ever get to wake up without your alarm? I hope so. That is like Christmas to me!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Remember my leg workout from yesterday? Well, I am SO.DANG.SORE. I told one of my clients that today while she was working out and she just laughed and said, "karma."

Turns out our leg workout from Monday put her in about the same state. Ya wanna know what scares me the most. Due to DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) I usually feel my soreness more the second day after my workout. Does that mean tomorrow I am looking at a morning where I can't get out of bed? Yikes.

I was planning on doing an abs and shoulder workout today, but because my leggies were so dang sore I decided it would be better for me to move them a bit. I ended up hitting up the elliptical for what I planned on being an hour of intervals. I got completely sucked into some Project Runway and ended up going for 95 minutes. I was ok with it. :) So, hopefully that helped with my soreness, and shoulders/abs/core will be delayed until tomorrow.

I know I have said it a bunch, but I CAN'T believe fall is creeping around the corner. One thing I am VERY excited for...baking with pumpkin. I absolutely LOVE the smell and the taste. Some of my favorite healthy pumpkin recipes from the past?

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Healthy Pumpkin Pie 
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Oatmeal

all healthy...all delicious...all full of pumpkin-y goodness.

What is your favorite fall flavored treat? Do you love pumpkin as much as I do? Are you excited for fall or pining for summer days? I am a mix of both for sure. I will miss the sunshine, but I most definitely love how beautiful fall can be!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Dinner Date of Delicious Proportions

I'd say today was a good Thursday. I got an early morning leg workout in that pretty much TOASTED my muscles. I like to keep things mixed up with my working out, and I switch every couple months from full body workouts to focusing on individual muscle groups. More on the current workout plan later. 

The leg workout went a lil' something like this.

10 minute warm up on the elliptical
Squats on Smith machine - 70 lbs/12 reps/3 sets
Walking Lunges - holding 20 lb DBs/12 reps each leg/3 sets
Dead Lifts with bar - 50 lbs/12 reps/3 sets
Single Leg Squat touches - no weight/15 reps on each leg/3 sets
Single Leg Quad Jumps w/foam roallers - no weight/12 reps/2 sets (I'll have to show you this one some time!)

Tonight my darling Janae and I met up with one of our readers Rene, who came here from Texas for the weekend. We had a great time talking about life, working out, family, food, shopping, and all other things good and glorious.
Rene had contacted Janae and I a few months ago saying she was coming in town, and we got to pick our favorite location. We quickly chose our beloved Pizza Factory. We've spent several hours over salads there, and decided Rene needed to see the glory of our salad bar creations. It was so fun to meet you sweet Rene, and it's always good to know there is someone else out there reading my blog besides my mom and sisters! ;)

Tomorrow is Friday. T.G.I.F.
My mom comes in town! Wahoo.
I should be asleep right now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eating With a Purpose

As I was working out this morning I had a thought. Well, I had a lot of thoughts, but one that wasn't about how much I still love the song Pumped Up Kicks, or how I was already hungry for my morning snack of almonds. I started thinking about the whole process of working out and eating.

The entire process of the energy we expend, and the calories that we eat coupled with specific exercise and goals can be quite complicated; there is no doubt about that. Each person's body is so different, and our goals are all different as well, BUT...I feel like my thinking this morning could apply to everyone.

To put it simply, we need to eat to achieve the body we want.
I have said it nineteen million times before...we are what we eat.
If you are wanting your body to be lean, strong, and rid of fat...then maybe you should eat accordingly. Eating what you know you should fifty percent of the time and what you know you shouldn't fifty percent of the time isn't going to fuel your body to get the results you want. Eating 50/50 average will actually probably just keep you average...just about where you've been.
Eating a diet filled with sugar and garbage isn't going to help you look the way you want to, and it won't help you to feel the way you want to either. If you want to feel great and look great, then you should probably eat accordingly.
If you haven't realized yet that the way that you eat most DEFINITELY has a direct effect on the way you feel, realize it now. Food is fabulous. We are meant to enjoy it, but for some reason there is a disconnect in people's minds about food and body.

If you want to look great....if you want to feel great...then eat great. It is as simple as that.

Oh and other thoughts that crossed through my mind this morning had a lot to do with the fact that I go to Lake Powell in T-minus 9 days. I am in charge of food for a group of about 25-30 people. I can't WAIT to show you what the menu is. A  whole weekend FULL of recipes that are healthy AND delicious.

Are YOU eating the way you should be to achieve the results that you want? If you aren't you have to decide how bad you really want it. What is a goal you can set to make a change in this area?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Healthy Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

I promised I'd post the recipe for the fruit salsa that I made for my friend Roxanne's bridal shower this past week. It was so fresh and delicious, and would be a great, healthy, addition to any party.

The original recipe was from, but I of course made some changes to health-ify it and make it my own.
Fruit Salsa 

1 lb diced strawberries
1 small carton of raspberries
2 granny smith apples dices with skin on
2 peaches peeled and diced
1-2 TBS of splenda (You could use honey/agave/stevia here as well)
1 TBS of brown sugar
3 TBS of sugar free fruit preserves (I used raspberry)

Dice up all your fruit into small pieces. I diced my apples last and put them in lemon juice for a bit, so they wouldn't go brown once I added them. Add sugar, splenda, and preserves and mix it all together. Chill in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before serving. I served it with these cinnamon chips, but I think it would be delicious over a fresh winter salad as well!

Cinnamon Chips

8 large La Tortilla Factory Tortillas 
butter flavored non-stick spray
sugar and cinnamon mixture (you can make this ratio to your liking as far as how much cinnamon and sugar)

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350. On a large cookie sheet, spray a whole tortilla on one side with the non-stick spray and then flip it over. Spray the other side and sprinkle as much of the cinnamon and sugar mixture as you'd like. Cut the tortilla into strips, and then triangles with a pizza cutter and arrange on your cookie sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Wedding Workout

If you thought I was going to give you the best workout to get in shape for your wedding, you are wrong. Although, hopefully all the other tips, tricks, and workouts, I give you can help with that. I am actually just going to tell you about my Friday workout...helping with my best friend's wedding.

I started off the morning early meeting Roxanne and co. at the salon where she was getting her hair and make up done.

The process there took a little longer than was expected, so we RAN out the door to get Roxanne to the Salt Lake Temple. If you ever come to visit Utah, you must visit the temple grounds. They are SO incredibly beautiful. Because of the crunch for time, Rox changed in the car on the way there, and realized she didn't have her skirt to the outfit she planned to wear. We stopped at a friends house nearby and I frantically RAN all over trying to find something that would work.

After dropping her off we drove back to Benita's apartment, got ready, and drove back to the temple where we RAN to make sure we didn't miss her coming out!
We made it in plenty of time. Do you want to know why I love weddings? You get to spend the day with all of the people you love, and don't get to see all of the time.
 Rox and Todd came out all married and looking INCREDIBLE. Aren't they so cute?
 After we took some pics we had to RUN all over SLC to get some lunch at The Blue Lemon, and get back to our cars...trying to avoid the down pour. 
 At this point we got word from Shauna, the bridesmaid/wedding planner that the pouring rain was really putting a damper on the reception set up (no pun intended), and she needed as many hands to help out as possible STAT. So...we hopped in our cars, got to the reception site, and got to work.

The reception was to take place at this fabulous outdoor amphitheater, but weather really screwed up the original plan. Luckily, a tent was included in the initial set up, and arrangements were made to move everything inside the tent. It was crazy.
More RUNNING involved.
We're talking sweat pants/soggy shoes/nappy hair running. Despite the chaos of the rain, and having to rearrange everything. It all turned out incredibly amazing. SO pretty.

I'm telling you, if you are in the market for a wedding/party planner Shauna is your girl. She has some unreal talent and creativity.

Next, we RAN to get ready for the reception. As much as the wet/matted/frizzy look would have been nice in the pics...we decided to try and look decent.  
 I thought we cleaned up pretty well.
We of course BURNED SOME CALORIES out on the dance floor. Cupid shuffle anyone?
 And, I got my PLYOMETRICS in while attempting to catch that dang bouquet. Fail. I guess I need to increase my vertical.
What a fun and crazy day!
 Congrats to Roxanne and Todd, some of the cutest newlyweds I've ever seen!! Love you Roxer Pants...and you too Todd!
Don't worry...we finished the evening off RUNNING around getting everything taken down, put away, as quick as we could so we could get home and get some sleep. Sheesh...Wedding make me tired!

Sometimes it seems like the "unintentional workouts" are the ones that take the most out of you. Don't you agree? I would definitely say being on my feet RUNNING around all day takes more out of me than a good morning run! I hope your weekend has been phenomenal! xoxoxo

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wrap That Salad Up

Remember the BBQ Chicken Salad Recipe from the Shower that I posted?
Well It was delicious for round one, but lucky for me there was a little bit left over. 
I went ahead and saved that for my lunch today for round two. When I went to eat it I was reminded of my Southwestern BBQ Chicken Wrap that I used to make all the time, and I decided to wrap up the remains of my salad.

BBQ Chicken Salad + La Tortilla Factory Wrap = Perfection
So, not only is the BBQ Chicken Salad recipe bomb, but it makes for some great QUICK and easy lunch leftovers!

Do you like leftovers? I love them. Yummy food in a hurry with no fuss? Yes please.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Shower for My Besty Bride to Be...and a healthy BBQ Chicken Salad Recipe

So, one of my best friends gets married this Friday. I am so excited for her. I love her. I love her fiance. I love the whole thing. It's so great. One of those weddings where you know it's going to be a good time.
 I am one of her bridesmaids, and we threw a shower for her last night. Good times people. Good times.
Lots of fun people.
 Some great gifts. 
 And of course, some good eats too!
 I made a fruit salsa with baked cinnamon chips that I haven't ever made before, that turned out to be quite a hit...recipe to come for that one. I also made one of my favorite Southwestern bbq Chicken Salads. It's super healthy...don't tell anyone. ;)
Benita found the cutest lil' mini cans of Diet Coke, which just happen to be Roxy's favorite beverage. We were happy to oblige. 
It was so great to get to hang out together for the night, and I am SO excited for you Roxies!! You will be a BEAUTIFUL bride! 

This BBQ Chicken Salad is SO easy to throw together, and it is really tasty.

Healthy Southwestern BBQ Chicken Salad

1 head of romaine lettuce chopped
1 head of green leaf lettuce chopped
1 small can of sweet corn
1 can of black beans rinsed and drained
2 chicken breasts cooked with bbq sauce (I cooked mine in a pan, but you could easily grill them)
Extra bbq sauce if needed
2 Roma tomatoes diced
1 avocado sliced

1-2 TBS of fat free ranch (I used Low Fat Southwestern Avocado Ranch that is available at Smiths. It is the Kroger brand and it is very tasty.)
 Arrange your lettuce on a tray or in your serving dish, and top with beans, corn, tomatoes, and diced chicken. Be sure that your chicken has enough BBQ sauce on it to give the salad some BBQ flavor. Place avocado slices around the top, and drizzle with your ranch dressing. Done. Tell me that wasn't the easiest thing ever?
 What is your favorite "throw together" salad? I love anything with a little mexican flare to it. Costco's Mango Salsa is one of my favorite salad dressings!

Monday, September 12, 2011

September Sweat Songs Mix Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the September Sweat Songs Mix is...

marathonmaiden! Congrats girl!! She is basically a SPEED demon who qualified for Boston in her first Marathon. Who does that? Amazing!

Email me, at megolina21 at, and we'll get you your playlist! I've been working out to it, and it's a good one. :)

I did make it home to UT...after stopping at 4 different airports...more on that later.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spiritual Health

When I posted a few days ago about balance, I had a reader leave a comment saying that they found a lot of happiness and balance because of the spiritual aspect of their life. I one hundred percent agree with this. The spiritual aspect of my life is definitely a big part of the balance that makes me happy. The reason my family came to Austin, aside from visiting my darling sis and her family, was for my nephews baptism...oh and the BYU game. ;) 
The church I belong to holds a special meeting for children who chose to be baptized when they are eight.
Some of my family was here along with my sister's husbands entire family.
 These little kiddies love my dad. It's darling.
Isn't it great having the people you love together?
My church is a big part of who I am, and it definitely gives me balance. It is a great reminder to me that I need to focus less on myself and more on others. I can definitely say that I am the person I have become because of the guiding principles that I've learned from being raised with the teachings I believe in.
Is spirituality something that is important to you? Do you consider that a part of your, "health?" I know that is a part of the balance I cannot forget to include.