Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beware of the buffet...

"Warning: Your eyes are Bigger than your stomach." I think this disclaimer should be posted nearby for any sort of food served buffet style. We've all been there. You go to an event or dinner party where the first thing you see is the 8 foot card table lined with a crisp white linen, and more menu items than The Cheesecake Factory.
You grab yourself a sturdy piece of Chinette paper dishware and forge ahead.
With so many of your "favorites" all in one location, a "little bit" of everything is clearly the way to go.

{...inner monologue...}
I'll take a scoop of that artichoke dip.
The black bean salsa can't be passed up, with the restaurant style tortilla chips; a must.
I'll snag one of those chicken salad sandwich croissants, but just so I can have a taste, and then I'll trash the rest, of course.
I'll load up on the veggies from the veggie tray, cause I'm super healthy. {While slathering them in ranch dip.}
Fresh chocolate chip cookies? Must have one of those.
A rice crispie treat...only for a bite.
Costco cream puffs. Check.
etc. etc. etc.

We all have the best of intentions. "I'll just try a little bit of each of these"...that is what we tell ourselves.
Problem #1: Turns out a lot of the food is usually REAL good. Our "bites" turn in to seconds.
Problem #2: Portion control is thrown directly out the window, and into some deep dark hole for that matter.
Problem #3: We talk...and talk, and talk, and TALK. What do we do while we talk? We munch...and munch, and refill our plates, and munch and graze...and talk and steal 1/2 a cookie...and talk, and go back for the second half...and munch some more.
Problem #4: For the most part, these "buffet style" foods aren't super filling. So, the grazing just keeps on keepin' on. While the calories pile up one by one.


So, what's a party hoppin' girl (or guy) to do?
If you know it's going to be a graze fest of unhealthy foods eat before you go. If you go full you will not graze all night trying to fill your hungry void. Choose ONE dessert, and don't go back for more. It's all about self control here people. In a normal setting one dessert is enough. For some reason when we have a table filled with 10 delicious choices we feel cheated at one. It's allll mental.
If you can't eat before you go, look at your options and pick three things. One of these should be a fruit or a veggie, (sans fatty dipping sauce). Pick your three and don't go back for seconds. Remember to ask yourself if you are full. Don't be a mindless grazer! Again, choose ONE dessert.
It's only when we stop thinking about the food choices that we are making that the calories start to pile up! Be smart. Beat the system!!

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