Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Mac N' Cheese Please

Whilst browsing one of my favorite websites, Hungry Girl, I came across an amazing find! There is a new line of food called Fiber Gourmet. It is pretty much the greatest thing i've ever seen. It's low calorie, high in protein, WAY high in fiber (one serving has 18 grams!!), no artificial flavors or coloring, and Hungry Girl raves about it! You make it the same way you make regular Kraft Mac n' Cheese, so it can still be that easy meal you leave with your babysitter for your kids, but now it's SO much better nutrition-wise! Let's be or no kids, we all want some macaroni and cheese every now and again. Click HERE to link to the Fiber Gourmet website to find out more about their products, order some of your own, or find a location near you that carries it. Bon Appetit!


Jenna said...

I want to try this stuff so bad. Please explain how it is possible to cram 18g of fiber inside of those noodles? I actually really don't believe it can be true.

Benita said...

okay mac and cheese is one of my staples. i am really excited about this new find!

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