Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Strolling; Burn Some Leisure Calories

Some Days in Utah are just unbelievably beautiful. I hope everyone gets a chance to see how pretty the expansive mountains are when they are so green. I wish I took more time to go and enjoy being in the midst of them, but you know how it gets crazy.

This weekend I was able to enjoy the pretty mountain scenery on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I went to one of the prettiest weddings I've EVER attended. It was amazing. The big party was held up at the bride's home located in the mountains. It was unreal. I failed to bring my camera, but if I get some pics I will post them.

Yesterday, my friends and I did one of my FAVORITE things. We grabbed our bikes and longboards and went riding in the canyon. This is the canyon I usually run in all summer long, but since I haven't been running as much I was SO happy to get up there. It is breathtakingly beautiful.
It was the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. We had SO much fun. We just sang and talked and laughed the whole way down. It was another great reminder to me that there are so many great ways to be active aside from just getting together and eating, which we may or may not have done previous to the biking... Sunday is usually my rest day, but this was a great little calorie burning bonus that I felt great about.

After a whole weekend of being outside I've decided I must have some sort of mosquito bait in my blood. I am pretty sure I ended up with about 50 mosquito bites and they're killing me. Any remedies you'd like to share?

My challenge to you for the week? Instead of meting a friend or family member for lunch or ice cream, decide instead to meet for a walk or a bike ride. You will feel SO good after! What are your favorite leisure ways to burn some extra calories? I love riding my cruiser.


Julia said...

gorgeous pic!!!!! i miss youuuuu!!! i seriously love leisurely Sundays in the canyon...they are the best!

Jody @ Raising Fin and Fish said...

My friends and I all play on our church softball league together for some weekly activity :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

So fun!! Where did you get your bike? I want one so so badly.

The mosquitos love me too. 10 seconds outside and they attack me like a fat boy on cake. I finally started using insect repellant and that helped. Imagine that!

Rene said...

I love meeting my friends and their kids at our community pool and actually getting in with them. It's still too dang hot in Texas to do much else.

Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun! I love meeting up with friends for a walk around a lake or another scenic spot :) Although I do enjoy grabbing coffee and window shopping as well...that's exercise, right?

Unknown said...

i'll ride bikes with you any day! gorgeous and fun filled.

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