Monday, January 16, 2012

The W.I.R. and Consistency

My friend and I used to sit in church every Sunday and come up with a W.I.R. which is short for our "Week in review." It was a collaboration of all of our favorite funny moments of the week that always made us laugh. Because my weekend has been a whirlwind of sorts today's post is a W.I.R. of my own...but this time it's a weekend in review.

- My sweet niece Kiley came to party with me all weekend Don't worry that she's 16 and like a foot taller than me. What a babe.
- Friday was a BUSY work morning, after which I headed up to Park City with Kiley and SB.
- Saturday we hit up the slopes and did some rocked.
- Sunday I whipped up some TASTY and healthy lettuce wraps. I REALLY wish I would have taken some pics, but we were cooking for our neighbors and it was pretty chaotic! I used THIS recipe. They were so tasty, easy to make, and they are an AWESOME low cal, high protein meal.
- Before I had to take Kiley up to the airport she was my willing subject while I worked on my photog skills. Being as how one of my New Years resolutions is to improve my photography I was glad she obliged.

Here were some of my favorites...

Darling I tell you...darling.
- Today I celebrated MLK day by working up a storm! Our gym was open, and coming off of the long Christmas break I preferred to NOT have my clients miss more days then needed. Consistency is HUGE when it comes to success with health and fitness goals. It is a principle I most certainly stand by.

If you feel like you are working at weight loss, improving strength, working on balance...whatever it may be take a look at your patterns. If you have two or three days on three or for days off, chances are, you aren't doing much for yourself in making huge improvements. That is DEFINITELY better than nothing, but you will more than likely just stay about the same. To see improvement you need to be consistent in ALL of your efforts.

Short and simple ... consistency = success.

What was your W.I.R. like?Where can you increase your consistency? I hope you had a great Monday holiday!


Natalie Cates said...

She is such a doll! Your photography skills inspire me to also work on that!

My weekend was busy but fun - food, family, working out, laundry, friends, cooking. :)

Consistency is key! Much love!

Melissa said...

Love the photos.

My week was pretty consistent and normal, with the exception of having a Saturday DOR for my Sunday race

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