Monday, July 7, 2008

be a multi-tasker...

I know that not everyone has time to spend lifting weights at the gym, but it is so important that you do so! So what is the solution to a time crunch? Multi-task! Combine two exercises in one, and you'll get the job done twice as fast. Here are some of my favorites.

#1 Squat with a Shoulder press
Hold two dumbbells, a plate, med-ball, or a bar at shoulder level. Squat down keeping your form correct, (hips back, knees in-line with ankles, keeping that upper body up.) As you return to standing squeeze your glutes and keep your abs tight pressing your dumbbells towards the ceiling. Make sure you aren't leaning back. Slowly lower them down, and return back to a squat starting again. Do 12-15.

#2 Bicep Curls, Shoulder raises, Triceps Kickbacks in a Lunge.
Get down in a lunge position and hold it as you do bicep curls, shoulder raises, or triceps kickbacks. Make sure to keep that lunge form correctly keeping your shoulders back, and alternate legs to keep it even.

#3 Plank Punches
My sister Nichole showed me this one and I love it. Get down in a plank position and get yourself stabilized. Punch your right arm straight forward and then bring it back down to you starting position. Do the same with your left arm. Aim to do 10-15 punches on each side. With this exercise you'll work both your shoulders, your lower back, and your abs.

#4 Bicep Curl to a Shoulder Press
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells (or bar) in your hands. Do a regular bicep curl up and then press it to the ceiling into a shoulder press. Bring it back slowly down and repeat. You could even add a squat in there before you do the bicep curl. (You know I love my squats!!)

There are so many things that you can do to combine exercises. Just be creative and be safe!! remember...good form is always important.

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The Smith Clan said...

Hey Megs, I'm always trying to multi-task, So thanks for the exercise multi-tasking.