Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zucchini Overloaded??

I remember it was always about this time of year that our family's garden would begin to produce more zucchini than anyone could possibly want to eat. One begins to wonder if a garden was really a good idea when the 10 lb zucchini's are coming at you like crazy, BUT if you've got some extra zucchini on hand, (or even if you don't), here are some great ways to use your excess!
1. Bake it. Of course, MY number one would be to make my favorite healthy treat; Zucchini Cookies. These are SO easy and SO good. Double the batch and freeze them. You won't regret it, I promise. You can also make some pretty delicious breads and muffins with zucchini. **if anyone has a good healthy recipe I'd LOVE it!
2. Steam it. Slice one up and put it in a Glad Steam Bag. These are AWESOME. You don't even have to add water. You veggies will come out steamed to perfection! There are 15 calories in a 1/2 cup of zucchini. That is pretty amazing.
3. Stir Fry it. Use some lean chicken and veggies and you've got yourself a delicious meal. Throw it on top of some brown rice and you're hitting three food groups in one dish. Bon Apetit!
4. Freeze it. Regardless of the dish you are making you can puree, shred, or slice up your extra zucchini and freeze it away to use later. Pureed Zucchini can be added to a LOT of dishes to add nutrients and chances are you won't even taste it. If you haven't looked at Jessica Seinfelds book Deceptively Delicious, give it a glance. She puree's fruits and veggies to add to her favorite dishes. It's awesome!
5. Shred it. Shredded zucchini can be put into a pasta sauce, a lasagna, a meatloaf, or even a burrito to add nutrition and bulk. Don't let it scare you. Be daring!
6. Grill it. Let's be honest...anything tastes great on the grill. Add some Lawry's or seasonings of your choice.
7. Boil It. In a soup that is. This Potato, Zucchini, & Tomato Soup recipe I found on Rachael Ray's website looks soooo good, and is super healthy!
8. Substitute it. Zucchini sliced thinly lengthwise can take place of pasta. If you're watching your carbohydrate intake this is a great low-cal way to go.
9. Give it. If you have more zucchini than you know what to do with i'm sure a garden-less neighbor would love to take some of it off your hands!

It doesn't matter how you slice it, but don't let that zucchini go to waste!


The Smith Clan said...

This blog brings back just a few memories of all the millions of zucchini's we used to grow. And now in Arizona, we would kill for a few of those home grown things.

The Smith Clan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nichole said...

hmmm. just made zucchini cookies today!! Love them!

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