Friday, October 17, 2008

Am I Alone in this?? Cause if so I'm happy to be here...

It seems that everywhere I turn there is a new frozen yogurt place popping up, and can I say i'm pretty much in LOVE with this craze!! As I've posted about before, frozen yogurt is one of my favorite treats. It's fat free, refreshing and delicious. There is usually around 90 calories per 1/2 cup which is great. I'm just glad that there are so many places to go now! Here are some of the local favorites. Give them a try :)

Hello Yogurt
Red Mango
Fro Yo
Spoon Me
Yogurt Stop
Frozen Yogurt Junction

*I am not a huge fan of the original tart flavor which i know many people love. My favorites are Hello Yogurt and Fro Yo. They offer a lot of different flavors. Of the original tart crew I like Red Mango the best. Let me know what you're faves are!!


Yogurt Lover said...

I love YoZone Yogurt. They have over 8 different healthy flavors. I love their Georgia Peach and Cookies n Cream. They also have tons of amazing toppings. The recent YoZone creation I made was Pumpkin yogurt with grahmcracker topping and Marshmellow syrup. It was seriously amazing.

Cristin Lynn said...

So funny story...the picture you have of Fraiche yogurt is based in Palo Alto...right under San Francisco and the bakery I work for makes all of their granola.

Healthy, yummy and MADE BY ME!!!