Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vacation workouts?? very possible!

My apologies for the absence of posts, but my reasoning is actually my inspiration for today's post. I've been on vacation. While packing for any trip I am always torn as to whether or not I should bring my workout gear. It's another pair of shoes, another stack of clothes, do I really have room? Will I even have time? etc. I've come to realize that the answer is ALWAYS yes. Those times I've opted to not bring my gear I've almost always regretted it. Most hotels have some sort of facility that you can workout in, and even if they don't, you can make do with what is available. Go explore your new vacation surroundings! Do lunges, squats, pushups, whatever you can fit in your hotel room. Bring an exercise band and a jump rope along on the trip. They are light-weight, and easy to use. "I'll just get back into it when I get home." I have heard it a million times, and that is great. You should get back into your normal routine when you are back at home, BUT don't let everything you've worked so hard for slip. It's easy to fit in a quick workout, even on vacation. Plan for it. Include it in the itinerary. You'll be glad you did!


Nichole said...

Thanks for the motivation to exercise. I have not once yet due to the busy busy schedule and still need to try and fit it in.

The Smith Clan said...

Megs, I have that argument in my head every time I pack my bags for somewhere. You are so right, if you don't bring the stuff, then you are doomed to say always, oh I wish I had!