Friday, February 13, 2009

See Megan Run...

my apologies for the lack of posting...I'll try to catch up this weekend. I am in Arizona visiting the fam :)
I did however manage to get my 13 mile run in todayl gotta keep up with the training. Here's a few highlights...
- I woke up early and ate my breakfast so I'd have energy to last. I have people ask me all the time if you should eat before or after your morning workout. The answer is before! For so many reasons. It gets your metabolism going, it gives you energy so your workout is worthwhile, and it will make you feel better. It may take some getting used to if you aren't a regular breakfast eater. But, workout or not, eating breakfast is SO important to maintaining a healthy weight. EAT BREAKFAST!
- It was about 30 degrees outside when I stepped out the door. I am used to running outside here in the summer when getting out before the sun comes up is essential to not sweating to death. Not so in February, apparently. I had on my Nike Dry Fit Capris...If you haven't heard me rave about them. They are phenomenal...and an American Apparel V-neck. Let me just say I FROZE. For the first 4 miles I couldn't feel my arms. I'm not joking. I passed several fellow workout-ers and they were decked in fleece jackets and ear warmers. Hmmm...can we say Utah native meet's AZ, in hopes for warm weather. I finally semi-thawed about half-way through. It was chilly.
-I thank the city of Gilbert, AZ for having mile long blocks. It makes for easier mile counting for an out-of-towner.
-13 miles is long. Two Hours and twenty minutes, long.
-I made a new running playlist last night, so I could have a variety of tunes to sing to while I run. (I don't sing out loud, but I may, or may not mouth the words as I run. Shameless.) I didn't skip through any of the songs, unusual for me, I'm a regular skipper on the Ipod. When I walked through the door I was on song #38. THAT is when you know you've been running for a long time. Song I'm loving to run to right now? Halo by Beyonce. Love that Sasha Fierce.
- It was nice to run outside again, but it took it out of me today! Glad to have it done.


Englishfam said...

Good job! I was actually training for the Ogden marathon in May but screwed my knee up a little and so decided to not. I am bummed but there is always another one on the horizon. I have done 3 halfs now and am VERY intimidated of doing a full. Keep it up!! Also thanks for the new song to add to my playlist. I always appreciate it! Good luck!

Benita said...

i laughed out loud when i saw this picture. somehow i put your face to it. don't ask. i just didn't want to lose my status as the girl at work who eats peanuts and laughs to herself at her computer. as for eating before... only tip i have is no fiber filled breakfasts..i learned that a few times the hard way. i miss running with you - i'm just going to keep saying it. you make me proud.