Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get out of the rut!

Slumps. We all have them. I have been talking to several people who have told me that for whatever reason they just aren't feeling the gym right now. They aren't caring what they eat, but on top of that they feel gross and aren't happy with the way they look. 
This morning while I was working out I was thinking about why this happens to us. How we can go from loving our gym routine and being in such a good grove, to hating stepping foot in the gym and not caring about a thing we put in our mouths. I think that a few things happen. First, we slip up somewhere. Whether it's missing a couple workouts, or feeling like we are over eating for a few days. This slip up, which should be thought of as just a bump in the road, and then forgotten as we get back to our good routine, often times does just the opposite. It gives us the "well I already screwed up..." mentality. After this thought process has occurred many times our motivation factors are low because we don't feel like we're on top of our game. This process may go on for a couple weeks, where you all of the sudden are wondering what has happened to you. Maybe you gained a couple pounds, your clothes aren't fitting right, or you just don't feel like your happy, motivated, healthy self. At this stage we feel uncomfortable in our own skin, and probably in your gym clothes. The last thing you want to do is look at yourself in the mirror and feel like you're out of your groove. Does this sound familiar?
On the other hand, think of the times when you feel like you are really in a good routine. You are doing great with your eating, you are sticking to your workout regimen, and you're feeling good. What a contrast between the two states of mind. More than likely, when you're on a roll you want to go to the gym. You want to keep up with your progress, so you continue to press on, hoping to keep feeling great. 
So, if you feel like you fall into the first scenario, don't let that downward icky spiral suck you in until you completely want to give up. My solution? Force yourself to be very strict for two weeks. Record your food, watch your portions, drink lots of water, be religious with your gym routine (even though you don't want to be there.) You'll probably feel uncomfortable still for the first couple days, but if you can get back into the place where you feel that motivation you'll be back on a roll. It is worth it! Discipline yourself back to where you feel like you can do it, because you can!


The Smith Clan said...

You just described me!! I'm back agian now trying to get back into a routine! Hard!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I always fall into the "I already screwed up what I ate today I might as well go hog wild." Loved the tips! Thank you!!! Happy birthday girlie! Have an amazing day!