Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stopping the Sabotoge

Excuses. We can find them just about anywhere. Your job is to create an environment where you won't let the things that can sabotage you turn in to a list of excuses. This is easier said than done, but it can definitely be done. 

Potential Problem #1
Your significant other. 
Less trips to the gym, more evenings out, more nights on the couch...your relationship with your significant other doesn't have to mean giving up the good routines in your life. You can involve your loved one instead of giving them up. Go to the gym together, find a sport or active hobby you both like, cook dinners at home together, etc.

Potential Problem #2
Your friends. 
Friends can do the same things as significant others as far as having either a positive or negative effect on your habits. It's easy for us to get in the downward spiral of peer pressure that can come with say...a girl's night out? Well, if everyone's going to eat that I will too, type of a mentality. Why not use your friends as a support group, rather than a reason to indulge in a triple scoop fudge Sunday. Get everyone together to go to a spin class, schedule your next girls night out at a healthy location, choose fat freefrozen yogurt over Ben and Jerry' get it.

Potential Problem #3
Your family. 
Of course your family is one of your primary obligations, but you don't have to let your families needs completely ruin your good habits. Instead, involve your family in your good habits. Pass the positive influence of making healthy decisions on to your children. Make healthy dinner options, keep your family active, teach your kids about being active and healthy from a young age, don't let the TV be your babysitter, rear them into active adulthood. 

Potential Problem #4 
Your schedule.
Give me an empty day, schedule free, and I promise you I can fill it right up. I know you're the same way. Don't let your schedule, schedule you. Map out times ahead of time, for workouts, healthy meals, sleep, relaxation...if you don't make time for some of these things it is more than likely that they won't happen. They need to happen. Make yourself a priority.

Potential Problem #5 
Your stress.
This goes hand in hand with your schedule. A lot of stress can trigger the hormone Cortisol which tells your body to store fat. On top of that, stress can often induce eating as a method to calm nerves. Don't let this be you. Find ways to eliminate the stress out of your lives. Don't crowd your day with things that don't matter, leaving crunch time for the things that do. Sometimes we create unnecessary stress in our own lives by setting expectations that are unreachable, and trying to do the impossible. Allow time in your day to do something that helps you to de-stress be it exercise, a warm bath, a nap, find something.

Potential Problem #6
Your computer/phone/tv.
These are all time suckers. Sometimes we wonder, "why we don't have enough time in a day," and yet we failed to realize that we wasted 3 hours of it sitting in front of a computer, or watching our favorite shows. All of these things are fine and good, but don't allow your precious workout time to be bombarded by two hours of online shopping, or miss the chance to cook your family a healthy dinner because you talked on the phone for 45 mins to your best friend. You get the point. 

More than anything it is just a matter of being aware. Try to make the most out of the time and the relationships that you have. Become an active person and help your family do likewise. Don't let your good practices be sabotaged by bad decisions.


britt said...

ah! this was the best post ever. you are SO right about the schedule post, btw.

Jenna said...

I think you would find this TED talk interesting, where he touches on how social networks can affect obesity: