Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today I love...

1. Saturdays, first and foremost.
I woke up at 5:30 AM to workout before I went and taught boot camp and trained for the day. I ate my oatmeal and then remembered that my Saturday schedule was wide open and I could work out after boot camp, so I got back into my still warm bed...which I quickly decided is one of the BEST feelings in the world. Sleep does a body good.

2. Resistance Training & Friends. I know some of you are cardio fanatics, but I LOVE resistance training the most. After I taught Boot Camp I went to the gym by my house to burn a few more calories. I saw all of my favorite people there!! Benita and Janae I love you both.
Side note: I have to say THANKS again to Janae for the greatest lunch ever yesterday. We had massive salads and we sat and talked about how crazy we are for a couple of hours. I'm certain we could have stayed there all day.
 (Dear Janae...don't be mad I totally stole this pic from you blog. Also, don't be mad that I kinda look like I just woke up in the photo. Love you...Megs)
I also got to go with my amazing sister and her kids to enjoy some warm veggie soup at Jason's Deli last night for dinner. She is the greatest and I could hang out with her and her little munchkins ALL. DAY. LONG.
Seeing friends put me in the best mood and made me re-invigorated to burn some calories. I initially was going to go do some cardio, but I ended up doing some circuit work and lifting for another hour with Benita, and it was so much fun. We came home and played Dance Central with the Kinect and then went back to Pizza Factory for Salads AGAIN. Are you embarrassed for me? Don't be. It happens all the time. Am I a creature of habit? Yes. I told you...I really like salad bars.  It's so much more fun burning calories and eating healthy food when you are doing it with people you love.

3. My bed. Sometimes getting in bed with some sugar free hot chocolate and my computer makes me really really happy.
Oh and how blessed are long weekends? My work will be closed on Monday, so I get a three day weekend. I hope yours will be too...I feel good about that. Let's be honest, rest can be much needed and much appreciated.

3. Good Health. Today I watched the show, "Heavy," for the first time. Wow.
The people on the show were saying things like...

"I just want to be able to bend over and tie my shoes."
"I would like six jr. bacon cheese burgers, and 4 orders of chicken strips." (for one person)
"I feel like I have lost 40 years of my life..."

It is amazing how unhealthy America REALLY is. Sad, and also a great reminder to me that I want to active and healthy ALWAYS.

4. Peanut butter. Oh wait...that was a couple days ago...nope, that is actually EVERY DAY. :) I still have some of those healthy peanut butter cookies left over and I'm not mad about it.  I told you peanut butter is like the glue that holds this world together. But let's be honest, I just love food in general. 

5. Blogs. I am loving reading your inspirational posts, healthy delicious recipes, and awesome encouraging words of motivation. Please keep them coming. We can learn so much from each other.

What are you loving this weekend? I feel like my list is pretty descriptive of my day, and I feel reaaally good about it! I'll finish out the evening with a good meal and some fun plans with friends. Do you ever get back in your bed in the morning? I always have to be up and out the door so early I don't get the chance, so I definitely took it when I had it.  What are some of your favorite blogs to read? There are so many out there that I'm SURE I'm missing some of them! Fill me in peeps, and have an AWESOMELY relaxing weekend.


Rene said...

I love Heavy. It makes me sad that so many people are in such bad shape but it totally motivates me to keep my body healthy.
Besides you and Hungry Runner Girl, I only Blog Stalk one or two other people I don't actually know. One is an Ultra Marathoner friend of a friend who is crazy. Of course, you have to be a little crazy to do Ultras.

Sarah said...

I'm lovin the weekend too! and very happy to celebrate presidents day. and I'm lovin peanut butter too!

Kate said...

Hey!! I watched HEAVY today too! I watched the one with Kevin (I think that's his name) and I was actually getting frustrated. He didn't seem to want it badly enough. He has kids that need him around and he still didn't want to make changes! Usually that show inspires me but today I wanted to shake Kevin and say "YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF! Don't you see!?"

Okay, maybe I am PMSing and overly emotional. Who knows! I wish I could go out for lunch with you and Janae!! Your salads looked AMAZING!

Allie said...

tots was inspired by your PB post yesterday and made peanut butter oat bars w/ cinnamon raisin peanut butter. It really is the essence of life :-)

Amanda@runninghood said...

I love Jason's Deli!! I just found my old pin/name tag from when I used to work there. :) Ahhh, the memories. :) You and Janae are too cute together. I'm thankful for learning, healing, sunshine today and cuddling up with my books and computer tonight.

Anonymous said...

What channel is Heavy on? I love watching shows like that. It makes me think if they just got out there and worked out for an hour why should i be sitting here complaining about not wanting to run... I love peanut butter too :)

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

Happy posts like this make me feel so warm :-) I love it. I just had the opportunity to get back into my warm bed on Thursday and it was aahhmazing...and then if I remember correctly I totally ate some PB that day too. Best day ever.

Jenn & Kev said...

Yay!! I love your gorgeous picture!! I also think there is nothing better than waking up and then being able to get back in bed right after! HEAVEN!!
Can I come to lunch with you guys next time!?!?!
p.s. I didnt have time to make your delish cookies but I will tomorrow!!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh what an amazing saturday! You have so many blessings in your life and I love hearing about them. Wish I could have joined you today. Sounda like a perfect day!

Keri said...

Yay for fun-filled weekends! I have never seen Heavy...I will have to check it out! Good for you going back to bed. Love that!

Karen R said...

Cute pictures! It's great to appreciate all the little things in life and to keep an attitude of gratitude :)

Lauren said...

I agree - my health is so important, and I don't understand why it's not a priority to most of America. I love Hungry Runner Girl's blog - it's my entertaining read of the day.

kay.tee. said...

I meant to post this on your pb post! Thanks to a food blog I follow (angry chicken) I have been mixing my almond butter with salsa to make a "peanut" sauce. Sometimes I use cashew butter too. I love this red pepper tomatillo sauce from target (no added sugar), 2:1 with my nut butter. I microwave it, stir it, and toss it with chicken over stir fry vegetables. It's delicious and it only takes a little to give a lot of flavor!

Nya said...

Just came across your blog and I'm loving this post! I like the thought of "Today I love..." That's not something that people take the time to think about! Well today I love myself! All of my imperfections and quirky little traits. I'm loving this gloomy weather that has encouraged me to stay in bed with laptop. Yep I just love life! Great read I look forward to more of your post.

Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner said...

Sounds like a great weekend and that you're surrounded by good friends!
I too am loving some blogs... it's so true, we really can learn so much from one another!!
I love to have a sleep in day but it doesn't happen very often. To dangerous for me to climb back into bed once up because it will be that much harder to get out again lol.
Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!!

Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner said...

Sounds like a great weekend and that you're surrounded by good friends!
I too am loving some blogs... it's so true, we really can learn so much from one another!!
I love to have a sleep in day but it doesn't happen very often. To dangerous for me to climb back into bed once up because it will be that much harder to get out again lol.
Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!!

Stephanie said...

Well I love this blog :) I decided I need to cut back on my blog stalking...but don't made the cut. :)

Mara... said...

I love your list!!! I am also a creature of habit, eating the same things. I just discovered a new pizza place with an awesome salad bar. I can get a big salad and mini sized pizza for like $6 for lunch. I love it.

I have to check out Heavy. I've heard a few people talk about it, so gotta check it out! And thanks to YOU for all your bloggy inspiration! I am very happy to have run across your blog recently.