Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YouBars: Product Review

Life gets very busy, and when it does I like to be prepared. I sometimes get caught busy at work with no time to eat, and because I get headaches when I don't eat I plan ahead. I  I always have a bag of almonds and a couple different bars in my purse. I feel like I have tried most of the bars out there. Some of which I love, some of which make me want to gag. It is all about the consistency for me. I have to have something I can eat without feeling like I'm forcing it down my throat.

I guess you could say I'm a energy bar/protein bar snob. I won't be fooled. I'm guessing many of you are the same way.

Joel, from YouBars sent me a bunch of product samples to try.
 For those of you who haven't heard of YouBars, let me enlighten you. YouBar is a company that allows you to build your own bars. When you go to their website you can navigate through the possible ingredients, and as you add them to your bar the nutrition facts appear on the side of the screen. For someone like myself that is a freak about the stats; I go crazy for things like this. (I know...I'm totally nerdy.) You can choose from different bases; PB, almond butter, cashew butter, etc. Add protein if you like, nuts, dried fruit & berries, natural sweeteners, and flavors/seasonings. Awesome, right? If that is too many decisions for you, you can also choose from their pre-made favorites. My favorite kind was the Great Date With Chocolate. Lower calorie, low sugar, protein, and very delicious. The other flavors were equally as delicious, filling, and fresh! All very important to me.

You can also create your own shake mixes,
 Granola mixes,
and cereal. All of it is made fresh and can be customized to your liking. So yummy!
Joel was nice enough to set up a discount code for my readers. If you place and order and use the discount code "MUNCHER" you will receive 10% off your order. Check it out!

Have you ever tried YouBars? Are you a bar snob like I am? What are your favorites?


Stephanie said...

I haven't heard of them! I do like BYO bars and granola though! I honestly have just such a love affair with three different kinds of Larabars that I just don't try many others. Lazy. :)

marathonmaiden said...

i've never tried this kind before but i love bars. i use them for my dinners during late night clinics more times than i care to admit! i typically stick to nature valley crunchy ones or clif. yum.

Kate said...

This sounds like the best thing since sliced bread!!

I have to check this out ASAP!

Rene said...

I am so going to try those. I hate most protien bars. The flavors look awesome.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for sharing your discount code! I have not heard of or tried YOU bars, but they look outstanding and right up my alley!

Sarah said...

these bars/ mixes look amazing! I want to try these so bad. yes I'm a bar snob too

Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn said...

Girl, you had me at "customized"!! I can't wait to get my hands on one! :)

Liz & Zac said...

I always love to have some kind of bar on hand for a snack. I really love cliff bars, but im scared they aren't all that good for you. Thoughts? Those bars look awesome though I just might have to try them.

Mara... said...

These look interesting!! I used to like Luna Bars, but burned out on them. I loooove Mojo bars but they taste just like candy so i'm sure they aren't that good for me. I will check out the YouBars for sure!

Meg said...

Customized cereal? I love it!! Why didn't we think of that?
Thanks for trying these new bars and posting, it's always good to see what new stuff is out there!

Kimberly @ Im Not Done said...

I like Kind bars, but that's about it. I prefer bars that have a short list of simple ingredients.

Definitely going to give these bars a look! And the shakes sound interesting too!

Jenn said...

Oh I am the same...I LOVE a good bar and I feel like I cant find one that is good for me and tastes good! I should try one of those! I love all your cute ideas...Your blog makes me happy!! and makes me want to work out, lots!!
Hope your having a great day!! and staying warm!!!