Friday, November 4, 2011

Fat Burning Circuit Workout

I haven't posted a new circuit workout in a while, so I figured it was about that time. This is a workout I've had a few of my clients do in the past few days and it has been a great way to get a good sweat on. If you're looking for something to mix up your Saturday workout give this a try. You'll love/hate it. Promise. Try these promotional codes and save some money on all workout equipment and apparel.

5 Minute Warm up (you can walk/jog/ellipticize)

15 Med Ball throw Burpees (Hold a med ball, Squat down, jump feet back to push up, push up, jump feet in, pick up the med ball as you stand and throw and catch. Repeat)
20 quick step ups on the right leg
20 quick step ups on the left leg
Plank Hold 60-90 seconds (add a plate to your back to increase the difficulty)
2 min interval sprint - fast as you can go here

15 Push up Jacks (do a push up and then staying in push up position jump your feet wide and in)
15 Squat Curl Press with DB's
20 Slow Mountain Climbers forward
20 Slow Mountain Climbers Opposite Knee to Elbow (working the obliques)
2 min interval sprint - fast as you can go here

3 Squat combo holding 12 lb med ball - 10 narrow squats, 10 normal squats, 10 very wide squats (knees out)
15 single arm cable row squats with right arm (30-40 lbs)
15 single arm cable row squats with left arm (30-40 lbs)
30 Cherry Pickers

2 min interval sprint - fast as you can go here

5 Minute Cool Down

November 4th: Today I am grateful for naps. It has been a long and busy week and I crashed and took a 30 minute power nap when I got home from work. It felt AWESOME.

A year ago today...You can do it!... a healthy list of nonperishable foods to always have on hand.

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ashley & sundance said...

these circuit workouts sound too similiar to CrossFit. and... today's workout left marks. :/

we need another date. Just Saying.

Jams said...

Thanks for the code for Running Warehouse! :)

Anonymous said...

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