Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Tid Bits

Just a few things. 
- I hate when all the people around me start to get sick. I feel like it only means sickness is looming around me. Yesterday at the gym a man had his gym shorts stuffed with kleenex. I watched as he blew his nose (very snot-ishly I might add) and then stuffed his tissues back in his pocket, wiped his nose with the back of his hand, and picked up his dumbbells again. SO GROSS. I know I'm a bit of a germaphobe but COME ON. Common courtesy? I made a point to touch NOTHING he touched.

- I purchased my favorite Sugar Free Swiss Miss hot chocolate this week, and I have already busted out the Coco Motion twice. Sugar free hot chocolate gets me through the winter.

- I am %95 sure I'm running the Utah Valley Full Marathon with my sis next June. She is already signed up! Anyone else planning on doing it? I think I'm finally in a place where I'm injury free and able to train like crazy. I'm even a little excited...
p.s. I'm recruiting anyone who wants to run the same race, so we can talk about training and such for the next few months! 

- I also busted out my big puffy North Face and my Uggs this week. These items become part of my winter uniform when it gets cold. Ugh. I miss being able to run around like this...
- I've been listening to Christmas music all day. For your info...In a battle between Michael Buble and Justin Beiber's new Christmas Album, Buble is killing it. Sorry Beibs.

- I love Saturdays. They are just the greatest. I got in an AWESOME circuit workout this morning that started my day off right!

November 5th: Today I am grateful for my job. We had a work meeting at Elevate this morning, and I was reminded of just how awesome the people that I work with are. I have been so blessed with a job that I love, and fabulous work support. We are going to be doing a lot of things involving the community here in the near future, so I'll be sure to keep you posted.

One year ago today...Oh I love reality TV.

Have you started to listen to Christmas music yet?What was your Saturday workout? It's helping me adjust to this cold weather! What are you grateful for today?


ashley & sundance said...

Christmas music... been playing it for a few weeks. Have yet to hear Bieber's album, but I love my Buble Christmas Pandora station. :)

and I am SO excited you are running the marathon. I will be there CHEERING you on! Maybe I can run with you for the last few miles! :) :)

Elle said...

OMG! No!

Heard some in a store yesterday and freaked.

I love Chrismtas tunes but like to wait till Christmas!

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