Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grateful November Has Arrived

I am a firm believer that attitude is everything. I think that a large part of our health is reflection of our attitudes and levels of optimism. If you have an optimistic attitude about what you want to accomplish as far as your health and fitness goals are concerned, you will be so much more likely to accomplish them. If you are constantly thinking negatively about what you want to do...doubting yourself and working at your goals with the thought in the back of your head that you'll never actually accomplish what you are working it, you probably won't. Believing in yourself and being optimistic is a big part of being able to accomplish your goals.

I think that optimism and gratitude go hand in hand. When I take the time to notice the blessings and positive things in my life that I am grateful for I feel happier about everything in general. For the month of November I've decided to focus on something that I am grateful for every single day. I think it will be good for my health. You should try it...I think it'd be good for yours too. ;)

NOVEMBER 1st: Today I am grateful for being injury free. I have had a a whole slew of issues in this past year, and I finally feel like I am at a place where my body is whole again. I am just starting to get back into running again, and I'm being very careful. I am most certainly happy to have a body that lets me do so much and is so capable. The human body really is so remarkable.

Today's Workout:

30 minute intervals on the stairs (between levels 8-17)
20 minutes on the elliptical

Lifting: Legs and Shoulders
3 sets of each alternating between exercises

Set #1
12 squats with Leg Press (270 lbs)
alt with
12 single leg balancing shoulder front raises with 25 lb plate

Set #2
20 alternating reverse lunges with 15 lb db's
alt with
12 dead lift to an upright row with 20 lb db's
alt with
Squat with an overhead press with 15 lb db's

I'll leave you with some of the pics my friend Adam took at the cabin this past weekend...he has a sweet camera with an awesome lens.

 So fun...

What are you grateful for today??
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Nichole said...

I totally agree with you Attitude is everything! I am so glad you are finally injury free!! Want to run the new Phoenix half March 3rd? It is going to be a good course. I also signed up for the Utah Valley full. Am I crazy or what? I just gotta do it since I am turning forty and all. Scary! Have you been learning a ton about your camera? I can't wait to practice with you when you come. I am slowly but surely learning stuff. Photography is so fun!

Rachelle Wardle said...

I could not agree more that attitude really is everything. Great perspective Megan.

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