Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Plan for the Aftermath

Is it Wednesday already? Sheesh. This week has speedily flown by. I have had a lot of people ask me what my "now what?" plans are since the marathon is over. Well...I will tell you.
My friends like to talk about me as two separate people, old Megan and new Megan. (Or as they jokingly say, Fun Megan and New Megan.) They say that "old megan" ate treats, and pizza, and whatever else. New Megan has a boring diet. They say this totally jokingly, of course, and they also realize that I have been eating this way for over three years now, so it is nothing new to to them.

Anyways, SB asked me on Saturday what the one menu item I'd been DYING to have since I've been in my "new life" was...and since I'd finished a marathon she thought I should probably have it. I thought about it, and guess what I was craving more than anything else? A Pizza Factory Salad and some frozen yogurt.
Truth. Crazy right? You would think after running 26.2 miles I'd feel at liberty to eat a house. BUT it wasn't that I didn't feel like I could. I just didn't want to.
I have been eating Paleo for over nine weeks now. I ended up having to add in some carbohydrates before my long runs, because I didn't feel like I was getting enough energy from the paleo carb choices such as sweet potatoes and quinoa. I plan on doing a post on my thoughts on race nutrition because I learned a LOT this past training go-round. The three days before my race I added in carbohydrates as well. There was a DRASTIC difference in the way I felt. One of the things I have noticed in cutting out grains is that I do not feel bloated like I used to. I feel more tight and compact. I like the difference. I could physically tell what the grain carbohydrates that I was eating were doing to the way I felt.
With that being said, once the race was over I was already thinking about how I was excited to get back to my paleo eating. I think it is because I have found a groove of how it works for me. I don't feel like I am being deprived. I have felt the benefits it has had internally, and seen the benefits it has had physically.

Here is my projected outlook for the next few months as far as my exercise and eating routine is concerned.

Back to Paleo
I'm going to try and share more of the details of what my diet looks like with y'all so you have a better idea of what I'm eating, and I will surely continue to tell you if its working for me or not. :) 
Lunch today consisted of my favorite, Avocado Chicken Salad and Roasted Veggies. Divine.
This is where I get really excited.
Circuits, interval training, cross-fit-esque type workouts, and TONS of functional exercise. This is the type of stuff that I LOVE to do. It is fun. It is fast. I'm done with the long arduous cardio sessions for a while, and we're going to see how I do! I have been doing this with all of my clients for sometime now, and they love it. I've been adding these workouts into my marathon training as well, but I couldn't ever do it fully how I wanted to. Now I can, and I seriously can't wait!

Post Race Report:
I have been REALLY sore all weekend. I actually haven't worked out since the race because I'm trying to do this thing where I listen to my body :) Soreness-wise I am feeling awesome today. The only negative thing I have to report is I think I re-injured an old stress fracture in my foot. You may remember last year when I ran too far/too much in my Nike Free's and got a stress fracture. Wellll.. I think he's back. :( I am trying to stay off of it and let it heal, but I'm bummed about it.

On a side note...this is me facetiming with my parents from the NY airport yesterday. They are on their way to the French Rivera. I think they forgot to invite me?
 What are YOUR summer workout plans? Are you switching anything up, or are you already in a good groove? Are you liking the circuits/workout I've been posting? What would you like to see more of?  


Mireya said...

Yes, I'm definitely interested in reading about what your diet looks like!

This summer, I've started training for a half-marathon in October. The longest I've run is a 12k so we'll see!

Julia said...

im excited to see more of the things you have been eating on the paleo diet. i found it interesting what you said about the grains. i tried to eat more "normally" before UVM while just a tiny bit adding in more carbs and i felt much better at the start line. usually i just get all crazy and eat whatever i want and then feel sluggish/too full/bloated at the start line. not a good feeling. anyway...i just wonder if it could be related to what you mentioned.

glad you are feeling better and hope the foot feels better asap friend! you ran fantastic on saturday:)

Cotter Crunch said...

we try to focus more on primal during endurance training. Dried figs, bananas, prunes, sweet potato, maple syrup, and wild rice are awesome resources for carbs. Glad you are liking it!

2 Running Chix said...

Love to hear your experiences with Paleo & distance running. I've ran into the same feelings about not getting enough carbs for runs, but at the same time, not liking how I feel from eating all the carbs/grains. I had the EXACT feeling after my last race...I thought, I will be soooo happy to get back to how I was eating & stop running for hours a day. Before I ate more Paleo-like, I would crave cupcakes, sweets, candy, anything sugar related while running or during a, those cravings never even cross my mind. I will be glad when I'm done with my next few half's that I had already signed up for & then, I will enjoy the way I want to eat, which will be Paleo, and enjoy weight & interval training, or Crossfit like training. I'm excited :)

kara t. said...

When you said you had post training plans I was crossing my fingers that it was crossfit! You are going to LOVE it!! Having the endurance of a runner has really helped me with my WODs. I'm very consistent and don't need breaks while everyone else lays it all out in the first round or few minutes. You are going to love what it does for your body!

ashley & sundance said...

Love your plan! We need to work out together! And I love that you are loving Paleo. I've decided that I'm just "eating clean(er)". I think when I call it Paleo, and I cheat a little bit, it gets to my head, so I allow myself a little wiggle room and I'm doing SO much better! :)

PF soon!

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