Sunday, June 17, 2012

Papa Les & a Weekend Workout

Happy Father's Day! I most definitely have to give a shout out to my one and only, Papa Les!
My dad is the absolute greatest! He has always been such an incredible example to me of hard work, kindness, determination, achieving goals, and making the most of life. He is such a positive support to me in all that I choose to do, and he has always been my number one fan. I love getting to spend time with him, and I constantly feel like I am learning from him, which I love. I am so grateful for an awesome father who has instilled so many important principles and qualities in me. My awesome dad is cruising the French riviera with my fabulous mama cita, so I don't even get to talk to him today...but HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

This past week has been so weird for me. I have really been trying to listen to my body, and take it easy. I was really sore through the beginning of the week, but by Wednesday my soreness was practically gone. The only thing that has been lingering is my foot...I'm praying for a miracle there. I did some light lifting on Thursday, but nothing too taxing. Yesterday was my first real workout since the race, and it was still nothing too crazy. This is kind of my go-to workout when I am short on time and need to hit all the muscle groups. It's quick and easy, but still a great workout!

I started with twenty minutes of intervals on the elliptical. 2 mins high speed/high tension. 1 min recovery speed/high tension.

12 squat curl presses with a 40 lb bar
12 bent over rows with a 40 lb bar
15 pushups
2 minute plank
repeat as quickly as you can 3-4 times depending on how much time you have

I ended with
15 sumo squats with the kettle bell
15 kettle bell squat thrusts
x2 and then I had to jet.

I was sweating, but it felt good to get moving. I tried not to do anything that put too much pressure on my right foot, so this workout didn't have as many leg sets as I usually do. Nonetheless it is a good workout if you are needing to get your sweat on fast!

I got the rest of my cardio in walking around the chalk art festival at The Gateway, and shopping at City Creek. The best kind of cardio if you ask me :) The average 150 lb person burns 156 calories while walking around and shopping. I'll take it.
Don't forget you have until tonight at midnight to enter the giveaway for a $50 giftcard to Shabby Apple!

How are you celebrating Father's Day? What was your weekend workout? Are you a shopper?


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