Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oven Bakes Sweet Potato Fries

You've heard me rave about my beloved Sunflower Market in previous posts. And I'm here to rave, yet again. Their selection of produce is AWESOME. So much variety, and all SO fresh, and not to mention at a great price. It makes me want to eat fresh fruits and veggies all day long. Well, since there is so much variety there I've decided to try a new fruit or vegetable every week to broaden my horizons. It's a great way to spice up your dinner table, and to get your kids trying new things. This week I decided to try preparing a Sweet Potato. I have had sweet potato's for thanksgiving dinner...and that is about it. Soooo...I wasn't so sure as to what I was going to do with it. I looked up recipes online and I found a bunch of different recipes for baked sweet potato french fries. That sounded delicious to me and all of the recipes were pretty similar, so I kind of just did my own thing.

-preheat the oven to 450
-scrub the sweet potato so the fries can be cooked with the skin on
-cut them into strips (french fry like) the thinner they are the faster they will cook
-lay the strips out on a cookie sheet (spray it with Pam first)
-drizzle olive oil over the strips (you really don't need very much)
-flavor them however you like. I sprinkled half of mine with salt, Lawry's, and garlic salt. The other half i sprinkled with a little bit of brown sugar. (I thought using Splenda's brown sugar mix would be perfect for this, but I didn't have any on hand.)
-I put them in the over for about 20 minutes, stirring them around a few times.
-A medium sweet potato makes about two servings of fries, @ about 100 calories each...yep you heard me right...100.

I really had NO idea what to expect. The results...DELICIOUS. I really loved them. My roommates helped me gobble them right up. The texture wasn't as crispy as french fries, but they were so delicious. I liked both the sweet and the salty. I don't even know if i could pick a favorite. They were SO easy, so healthy and low in calories, and I'm positive that kids would love them. Try them!!


Karrissa Winward said...

Thanks for the good idea, I am definitely going to try these!

Lauri said...

I have just recently discovered these myself and really love them. I like to cut them a little thicker though. They are sweet naturally.

● C E L I N A ● said...

I love sweet potato fries! I need to check out the sunflower market ASAP.

The Smith Clan said...

Megs, I just bought 2 sweet potatoes. we have them occasionally. I love them. I will try your recipe. Sounds delicious!

● C E L I N A ● said...

Random I found you! I was bored at work and started clicking on links from Amber and Jenna, and THERE YOU WERE!

Benita said...

these are so so good! i loved them. my sweet potatoes are sitting on the counter waiting to be cooked...

Muncher Cruncher said...

I made these again tonight...can't get enough!

The Smith Clan said...

Megan I made these for Dad. He absolutely loved them! I had the Br.sugar twin and used that. I used both seasonings. Dad preferred the sweet! They were so good!