Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fresh Kicks

My family is training for a 1/2 marathon, and we were able to do our 8 mile run together while i was home this past weekend. I had just recently purchased a new pair of running shoes, and my mom and brother had done the same. As we were running we got to talking about the difference in our shoes and how great it felt to have a new pair that was the right pair. That same day after we ran my sister Nichole went to a running store and was fitted for a new pair of shoes. She was told that the shoes she was wearing were totally wrong for her, and were probably hurting her knees (true story). They also explained to her that most people wear their running shoes too long, and for too many different activities. After watching her run she was fitted for shoes that worked with the way she ran. For the longest time I've thought shoes are shoes, and I haven't paid much attention to details beyond that. The truth is running in old worn shoes is one of the most common causes of running injuries.

Some Shoe Do's and Don'ts
1. Shoes should only be worn for a total of 350-500 miles.
- most people judge their shoe wear by what the treads look like or how dirty they are.
Neither of which are accurate signs of shoe usage. The midsole of the shoe is the part that
breaks down quickly. This part provides cushioning and stability. Without the cushioning you lose much needed shock absorption.

2. Consider having an alternate pair of shoes, allowing your shoes to dry out and decompress between workouts. This will increase longevity in your shoes.

3. Don't wear your running shoes to lift weights, do aerobics, ride your bike, and go to the mall
- Running shoes should be worn only for running. When they are used for every other type of exercise you engage in and for every day wear they are being overly stressed. You are
also breaking down the structure of the shoe making it unstable for when you actually run.

4. Make sure your shoes are the right size.
- There should be a fingertip distance between your toe and the end of your shoe.

5. Think Fit not Fashion
- Make sure you're wearing the right shoe for your type of exercise, the way your run, and your foot size. Even if that means not buying the cutest pair ;)

6. Get some help!
-There are plenty of resources both online and in the stores to help you find the correct
shoe type. Do your homework and it will be worth it!


Tim and Jennifer said...

Hey Megan! Saw your blog off facebook :). That is SO cool you're a personal trainer. I had one for one summer after I got back from London and it helped so much! I only wish I had one now to get rid of this pregnancy weight! Way to be so healthy. What an inspiration...

Amberlin said...

That's awesome Megan..I always do the provo half marathon because they give you free magleby's pancakes after..hehe