Sunday, March 2, 2008

Naturally Delicious...

Eating healthy can seem daunting and at times near impossible, but if you think of it'll be surprised at how much easier it is. The idea of implementing a healthy diet can seem overwhelming. What do i eat? How much? How often? For those who find these questions to be common concerns, my answer is simple. Go back to the basics. Unfortunately, we are bombarded daily by foods full of additives, fat, sugar, dyes, and a number of other things we probably aren't even aware of. The days of eating straight off the farm are long gone, but the principles behind those days don't have to be. A diet filled with foods close to their natural form is what your diet should look like. The benefits you'll receive from eating a diet full of whole foods will do more for you than a diet full of pop tarts, candy, and cinnabons will ever do.

So what exactly do I mean by this? I mean that your diet should consist of Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean protein, and "good fats" (polyunsaturated fat & monounsaturated fat). Ultimately, you should avoid processed foods, processed flour, added sugar, and "bad fats" (saturated fat & trans fat). One of the best ways to make sure you're not eating tons of processed foods is to check the nutrition label. Foods that contain less ingredients are foods closer to their natural form. If you are eating a true whole grain the first ingredient on the list should be, "whole wheat" or "whole grain." It shouldn't use the word "enriched." One place to make sure you're not being fooled is when buying your wheat bread. Many breads that claim to be whole wheat are actually white bread with caramel coloring. Ridiculous, isn't it?Check to make sure that the first ingredient is whole wheat, or whole wheat flour. Sticking to foods that are closes to their natural form fill your diet with great foods, and will leave little room for processed foods that are most likely full of empty calories!


Nichole said...

I have totally been clearing out our pantry and kitchen of all the processed crap. I am trying to teaching them good healthy habits and reduce the sugar cravings at a younger age. It definantly takes more work to eat and cook healthy but man I feel so much better. It seems like if you plan ahead and have stuff on hand it is much easier.

Jenna said...

The bread thing makes me SO MAD! Stupid stupid break makers.

Jeff and Chelsey said...

It was so good to see you girls today! I hope you guys can come by sometime next week!

Karrissa said...

Hey Megan!! This is Karrissa! I found your blog and just think you are so cute! Our blog is private but I would love to add your email address to it so you can check it out. Email me at

The Smith Clan said...

Megs, Nichole has also pointed out that we should be looking for high amounts of corn syrup. Today I was buying bread, and even though the 1st ingredient was whole wheat flour, right next to alot of them was high amounts of corn syrup. so you have to watch that also. natural sugar would always be better. But even a low dose of that is best.

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