Saturday, February 6, 2010

See Megan Run.

The miles are starting to climb. This is when I hear the Kevin McCallister, our favorite Home Alone renegade, saying, "This is it. Don't get scared now."
Last night my darling friend Janae, inspired me. I pulled myself to the gym, very unwillingly, might I add, to find her finishing up her 17 mile run. NBD. She was basically working the treadmill over. I'm pretty sure she ran the whole thing on like a 9.0 at a 10% incline. She is amazing. (She is my spin teacher of choice, btw, if your'e in the market.) She's doing the Salt Lake Marathon as well, and we like to keep tabs on each other.
Well this morning when I hopped on the treadmill for my own jaunt I remembered amazing little Janae, and she helped me kick my buns into gear.
Despite the fact that the worst movie ever, Laura Croft; Tomb Raider, was playing, I managed to bust out a fairly decent time. I finished the 13 miles in an hour and fifty-three minutes. That averages out to just over an 8.5 minute mile which I was ok with. I still know I need to work on upping my pace, but we're doing the best we can here!! :)
Keep running everyone.


Nichole said...

You are awesome! Good work!!!

Janae and Bil Bil said...

You made my day seriously you are way too sweet!! Basically I am trying to be just like you! You really are my fitness idol! Love you girl and one of these days that it is warm enough lets do a long run outside!!!!

The Monahan's said...

I'm training for the Utah valley marathon in June. I am following Hal higons plan, but I can't always do my long run on saturday because I have to fit it in when my husband is home from work. So some weeks it might be Thursday, or Friday. Is it a big deal to move the run to different days of the week?

Amanda@runninghood said...

You're amazing. This is so old but I'm having so much fun going back and catching up on you ...finally!