Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Vacation Chronicles - Chapter 2; addressing the issues

It's been decided. I don't think I ever want to come home. The good news is I still have 4 more days in, I'll continue to live it up.
As I mentioned before I had some things I was worried about, not knowing where my vacation was going to be taking me. Usually I am vacationing with my family or with people that I know well enough to determine what our eating/exercise pattern is going to be. This time was a total wild card! 

I wanted so badly to be able to run while I was here. I went out and ran the first day I could and sadly my foot didn't take it so well. However...lucky for me we've been walking back and forth to the beach, and riding our beach cruisers all over. We've been riding all over the place and I love it. While it's not my normal scheduled exercise routine I'm happy to be able to do SOMETHING and I really want my foot to feel better, so I'm trying to not push it. Knowing I'm not exercising up to my normal standard makes me think a lot more about my food. That is for sure. 
Oh and I'm trying to add in some other forms of in a karaoke bar and running away from crabs...that counts for something right? 

So, the people who were in charge of our house did pretty darn good as far as what they got for us. This weeks meals were definitely brought to us by Costco.

My eats: 
Instant Oatmeal Packets (I prefer the old fashioned oats...but I'll take it)
Raisin Bran & Skim Milk
Protein Bars I brought from home
Stayed away from :
Costco muffins (each muffin has about 610-1000 calories in it and 35-40 grams of fat depending on which flavor you choose. Yikes)
Costco Bagels & Cream Cheese (300-350 calories per bagel and 100 calories for 1 oz cream cheese)
Sugar Cereals (Coco Puffs, Lucky Charms, etc.) Not the worst in calories or fat but high in sugar low in nutrients.

My eats:
Deli turkey, pita chips, & veggies w/hummus (Everyone else was having croissant sandwiches)
Whole wheat tortilla w/deli turkey, avocado, lettuce, mango salsa
Can of Costco Chicken mixed w/light mayo & ground pepper eaten w/a few Stacey's Baked Naked Pita Chips

Stayed away from :
Croissant Sandwiches (one croissant usually has about 200-250 calories)
Processed Cheese (Who actually eats this stuff?)
Full fat mayo
Nachos (chips, cheese, beans, pork, the works...)

I KNOW and was reminded that snacks are my sitting on the counter just asking to be eaten...UGH.

My eats: 
Apple w/peanut butter
Stacey's Pita Chips & Hummus
Sliced Peppers w/hummus
PB Filled pretzels (Man I wish they wouldn't have purchased these...I did my best to stay away but they are GOOD)
Sugar Free Fudge Ice Cream Cone from the local ice cream shop...yum yum yum.

Stayed away from:
Candy bars
M&M's of all varieties
Chips of alll sorts
Lotsa Candy
etc. etc. etc.

My eats:
Cafe Rio (esque) salad: Lettuce, black beans, mango salsa, tomatillo dressing on the side (hold the tortilla) I opted out on the Pork because I'm not a big fan. I was feeling over carbed so I decided to skip the tortilla, and I had a few pita chips instead.
Raisin Bran & Skim Milk - You know how I love my cereal for dinner sometimes...
PB and Banana Wrap w/whole wheat tortilla and a side of egg whites
Stayed away from:
Extras with the cafe rio salad (cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, tortilla etc.)
Dinner has actually been really low key, which I'm happy with. I have been able to do my own thing using what we've got here.

My main vacation food problems...
1. Lack of protein. I know I'm not getting in the protein that I usually do unfortunately. I'm trying my best here, but I know I'm falling short of my norm.
2. Snacks. The hardest part about vacation is having food EVERYWHERE. It seems like all anyone does is chill out and snack. I have to make a very conscious effort not to just graze on everything. I've found that the most helpful things for me is to keep water handy and drink that instead of snacking, really try to pay attention to my hunger cues, and eat consciously...really take note of what I'm putting in my mouth. I also went an purchased my own apples, carrots, bananas, protein bars, and almonds so I have some healthy snacks on hand if i need something.

What are your vacation "issues?" I think everyone has different things they deal with and it's key to recognize what they are and plan ahead as much as you can.


Mara... said...

My vacation issues are I don't get enough vacations. Ha ha!! I agree with the food is everywhere issue. I go away with my girlfriends twice a year to a big house and we chill and chat and scrapbook...and EAT. There is literally food everywhere. And crap food. That I love. So it's really hard, even if I don't bring crap, it's there. And when it's staring me at the face it's so hard not to eat it!!! And getting enough protein. It's always easier to bring carb food and harder to do the protein thing.

Wow, that was a novel. Sorry. :-) Keep enjoying your vacation, it looks amazing!

Rene' said...

It's all about relaxing so eating crappy food and not exercising are my downfalls. Luckily this year I am going on vacation with good friends, one of whom is my marathon training coach so at least I'll get my exercise in.
I'm working really hard on my food now so I hope to have a handle on it by vacation time.

Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. said...

It seems like you're doing a great job of avoiding the true 'gut bombs'! You should be proud. So you have one too many pretzels or pita's honestly not going to be the end of the world, vacations are for letting your guard down a little...and its seems you've found a happy medium! ENJOY! :)

Erin@gosupermamago said...

I agree with what Cara said! You are doing great, glad to hear you are having such an awesome vaca!!!

Julia said...

Ummm you are amazing at eating healthy on vacation! wow! I could definitely learn from you. So sorry your foot is still bugging you. I will be sending it healing thoughts for sure!

My issues are always desserts! I feel like I should go out for dessert after every meal and snack. haha.

Rachelle Wardle said...

You are amazing! Like for reals do you ever have a bad eating day? I am so jealous and wish I could be more like you. Snacking is definitely my problem as well and salt!

Sorry to hear about your foot girl but it is probably good for you to rest it. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Michelle said...

I kind of get stressed about the eating situation when on vacation; especially when you are staying with people. Whenever we go to my in-laws, I always feel like I eat worse, but I try to make the best choices out of what is available.

The one thing I always try to do on vacation is to drink TONS of water. I am not always good about that, but when I am I feel like I am more able to avoid mindless snacking.

Enjoy paradise while you can!!!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

YOU HAVE TO COME HOME!!! I am missing you SO SO much!!! Girl, you are looking extremely gorgeous in vacation chronicles 1. Don't be hard on yourself, you are doing amazing and yes, running from crabs counts as an all day marathon. You are amazing and I love you so much. Can I see you the day you get home?

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