Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Madness

Sometimes you just have to start the week out right. By sweating up a storm. Benita was kind enough to wake up super early with me today to get our sweat on circuit style. It went a lil' something like this...It took us about 70 minutes.

Warm Up 5 Minutes

3 X each
15 weighted burpees with 15 lb DB
15 In and out jump squats w/shoulder press with 15 lb DB
(With these you want to hold your dumbbells at your shoulders jump out to a wide squat and squat down. Jump back into a narrow squat and squat down and back up this time pressing your weight above your head. That counts as one.)
10 plank up/up down down aka Crazy Planks
right into 15 plank jacks
(With these you are right on your elbows in a plank and you want to jump your legs out wide and then back to the center. Do these quickly and continuously. That counts as one.)
3 minute sprint on the treadmill

2 X each
12 plank rear rows on each side 15 lb DB's
(Start in extended plank position with your hands on top of the dumbbells. Alternate rear rows, bringing your elbows back as high as you can.)
10 wheel lunges (all the way around on the right side and then the other side)
12 bicep curls with alternating plyometric lunges with 15 lb DB
(These are jumping lunges. Start in a lunge position holding your dumbbells by your sides. Jump in the air and switch feet, after you land do a bicep curl.) Continue right into...
12 weighted alternating plyometric lunges still holding the DB by your sides.
3 minute interval sprint
With this sprint you want do the first minute at a moderate sprint/2nd minute harder/3rd fastest you can possibly go)

We finished with 3 sets of 15 push ups!
It was an awesome workout. We were verrry schweaty.
I finished it off with 20 minutes on the elliptical before I had to head off to work.

My lunch of choice these days has been my Cinnamon banana berry protein shake with Fage greek yogurt.
I am such a huge fan of this shake. It keeps me full and it packs in the protein, both great things.

Some of you asked what I thought about artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes in the sugar post. Read THIS POST to answer that question.
You also asked if the recipes I post are lower in sugar. YES. I always try to cut out as much sugar from the recipes that I post as I can, or I will substitute with natural sweeteners or splenda. I have posted ONE recipe that doesn't live up to that standard and I gave you fair warning! After all, my goal is to show that you eating healthy is possible all the time.

I hope that helps a little bit! :)

Do you like to start your week off with a welcome back workout, or do you like to ease in? I always feel ready to get back at it after taking Sunday off. What is your favorite lunch option? I have loved this shake combo. Sometimes I whip up some egg whites along side it. 50 grams of protein in one meal, what? Is anyone watching the bachelorette? Favorites? I'm watching it as we speak...I think Ben (the josh groban look alike is my fave as of right now.)


Lindsey said...

Wow, that's a great work out , good job! I do like to have a good workout to begin the week! That shake looks really good - I've really been missing smoothies ever since our blender broke!

Jody, RD said...

That workout looks awesome and super tough on the core. I'll have to give it a try!!!

I had a berry, banana, spinach smoothie for breakfast this morning ;)

Julia said...

MEGAN!!! I miss you friend! I agree...Monday workouts are usually my favorite. I just feel motivated and ready to go...a tough workout always starts my week off right :)

I like JP on the bachelorette!! He has been my favorite since day 1!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Monday workouts are the best! Love it.

My go to lunch is almost always a turkey sandwhich, hard boiled egg, and a string cheese. Protein all the way! :)

We need to get together soon lady!

Benita said...

that work out almost killed me. we need to do those more often! thanks for kicking my trash. love monday workouts.

Erin@gosupermamago said...

That sounds like an awesome workout!!! I take rest days on Monday lots of the time because I generally do my long runs on Sundays :)

Melissa said...

It's always nice to start the week off the right foot :)

You are always so informative, thanks girl!! I've been wondering about sweeteners!

Michelle said...

Great workout! I will have to try it out!
I love getting a great workout in on Mondays after taking Sundays off as well!

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