Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope you have had a fabulous, pastel colored, easter egg filled day! I LOVE Easter. I have to admit I was a weeeee bit sad this year that I wasn't going to be spending Easter in AZ like usual.

I hate to brag, but my family has some BOMB Easter traditions, like probably the best ever. I wouldn't be mad if you stole this idea and did it from here on out because it's that great.
As a kid we would wake up to find this...
(These pics are from last year. I took some of my besties home to experience the goodness that is The Smith Family Easter celebration.)
... The Easter bunny had left all of our names attached to kite string.
 Kite string leading allllllll over the house.
 Inside. Outside. Wrapped around railings. In and out of chair rungs. EVERYWHERE.
 Until finally you reach your basket. Yes, 25 year olds still need Easter baskets.
It is so much fun! Such a great tradition. Although I don't think my dad loves waking up to a web of string you can't find your way through.
Once the baskets are found it's time for our traditional breakfast of Abelskivas or Danish Pancakes as we call them.
Good times, huh? Now you can see why I'm sad I missed out this year. Remind me to never let that happen again.

I have to say thank you SO much for all your input on the greek yogurt! I told you I was a novice to the greek yogurt world, so I was very appreciative of all your knowledge! Janetha from meals and moves gave me the heads up that not all greek yogurt is created equal. Yoplait and Dannon actually put additives and other crazy things in the yogurt that make it knock-off greek yogurt, if you will. Lindsey from Lean Bodies Health and Fitness told me to hit up Costco for their Fage Greek Yogurt, which I did yesterday. She also has some great recipe ideas with greek yogurt on her blog. Cara from Eat.Pray.Run gave me the recipe for her greek yogurt + PB creation which I'm going to have to try! Stephanie from My Thorns Have Roses has been doing some greek yogurt taste test comparisons as well. 
It seems like everyone is loving mixing in cinnamon, stevia, pumpkin, fat free sugar free pudding mixes, fruit, cereal, granola, among other things. I can't wait to to try these ideas out! Thank you thank you!!
Like I mentioned, I purchased the Fage yesterday.
 I was instantly stoked with the nutrition facts. In comparison to the Yoplait brand I tried previously, the Fage brand is actual Greek Yogurt, not a knock off. It has ten more calories and 6 MORE grams of protein. Love that. 
I made my protein shake with it today, and I was SO happy with the turn out! This brand of greek yogurt bumped the nutrition facts of my shake to: 295 calories, 0 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbs, 44 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fiber. I feel SO good about that.

With all of the Eastering that is going on I'm sure you have LOTS of eggs all over the place. Read HERE for my post on why eggs are GREAT for you! Speaking of Easter. All growing up going shopping for a new Easter dress was always an exciting outing. My mom would always make us stand on the porch and take pictures in our Easter outfits before church. Since mom wasn't here to snap my Easter photo, this will have to do!
Happy Easter!! I hope your day was great!

Do you have any fun Easter Traditions? Aside from the "string" and the Danish Pancake breakfast we always dye eggs and have an Easter egg hunt. Super fun! Any other great greek yogurt tips for me? I'm going to become a pro at the stuff and I'll let you know how it goes! I hope you've had a great holiday and that you have a great start to your week! xoxoxo


Kiley said...

AWESOME tradition. That is such a fun idea...even when you're 25! And I have only met one other Kiley spelt the same as me - she must be cool!! Happy Easter:)

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

Fage is my is so tangy and just wonderful. I just posted a lemon yogurt cake using it :-) it is quite delicious.

I LOVE that kite string tradition, I think it may be one of the best ones I have ever seen. I missed Easter at home this year too...I never want it to happen again :-/

Have a great week Megan!

Nichole said...

Happy Easter! We sure missed you today! We kept up the usual traditions but it wasn't as fun with you missing! I hope you had a great day! Sure love you!

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

That is such a cool tradition!! And girl, you have got to try CHOBANI greek yogurt...our costco has 'em:) This company is BOMB--it seemed like everywhere I went people (friends included) were raving about "Chobani Greek Yogurt" and I REALLY wanted to know what the big deal was. They got in touch with me just so they could send me a box to try their awesomeness--and you know what? ...AWESOME:)

Preston and Jamyn said...

Hi Megs! Happy Easter to you! As far as the greek yogurt goes... I couldn't do it. I tried and tried. If you can then props to you! :) My fave is the Kroger brand CarbMaster Yogurt. They are low in sugar, low in calories, and high in protein, and they are DELISH! I eat them for dessert sometimes. Just thought I'd throw that out there... you can throw it right back! Love ya! PS Come kick and box with me and Benita.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

what a fun tradition! I would have missed that too.
As for the greek yogurt, fage rocks! I like to stir in PB flour and a little cinnamon. Try it!
Happy belated Easter meg.

Trisha said...

I can't believe you make Ebelskivers too!! I have never heard of anyone else knowing what those are. My family makes them for a Christmas tradition...with that cool Ebelskiver pan and everything.

I LOVE the kite string Easter basket hunting tradition! My family leaves clues that lead to our Easter baskets. I still love it in my 20s too!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What a cool tradition to get to your baskets!
We always have an egg-knocking competition which gets ridiculous. We "fortify" our eggs so we end up with the silly eggs painted in mail polish, covered in wax, etc. that can't be broken. Too much fun!

Lisa said...

That's such a cool idea to get your buckets! I'll have to remember that for next year.

Julia said...

coolest Easter tradition everrrr! that is seriously so awesome! so sad you missed out this year.

We always do a HUGE egg hunt at my grandmother's house. No worries that she would still let me participate if I was there...she always says I am too old but then gives in when I give her the sad face :)

Becca said...

LOVE your easter egg hunt last year! that is such a fun idea!!

I was hesitant to try greek yogurt too, but once I did, totally hooked! I put a tiouch of splenda in it with PB or nutella in it and it's HEAVEN. I've also used it as a base for a fish taco sauce!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love the Easter tradition that is great!

I am so excited about the greek yogurt ideas. I HATE greek yogurt plain so I am so excited about all of these new ideas.

Have a great day Megan you are absolutely beatiful! :)

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

YES I love that yogurt from Costco. I have a container and work and two at home! Haha, I use it for everything from muffins to deviled eggs to shakes and back to muffins again.

Your Easter looked fun. I love Aebleskivers!

Running Girl said...

I love that Easter tradition - that is awesome! I'm definitely going to be trying that with my kids when they are a little older.

We do a big family egg hunt, & it's always awesome!

Rene said...

We always do our Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and my kids love it. I think I'm going to do the Easter Basket thing next year since my kids are getting older.
Looking forward to the Greek Yogurt suggestions. I've only had it once and I thought it was gross. Can't bring myself to try it again.

melissadishes said...

I like to also use greek yogurt for savory things like dip mixes, to thicken creamy sauces without fat, as a mayo sub, etc.

I adore the stuff

Mel said...

I also love it with a little sweetener (whatever you want) and fresh fruit

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

That is the cutest idea for how to find your baskets! When I am a Mom I hope I am as creative. :) You are your sisters are so cute!

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