Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come on and do the humpdy hump...and an exercise of the week

For whatever reason I can't think of Wednesday without calling it hump day at least one time. Remember the day my internet stopped working for no reason? LAME. I'm currently trying to get it from my neighbor and the connection is no bueno. So, please excuse the lack of pictures. Not gonna happen.

Today's workout was awesome. One of those days where you are just in the mode and feeling GREAT. I lifted this morning, full body 60 minutes followed by twenty minutes on the elliptical. I usually focus on muscle groups when I lift, but I like to shake it up and do full body sometimes to keep my body guessing.

My lifting looked something like this:

3 sets of each of these...

12 Assisted Pullups
alt. with
15 Squat Curl Press w/40 lb bar

Leg Press 270 lbs
alt. with
15 Push ups

15 R&L Isolated Squat Reverse Lunge Combo (see below for exercise of the week)
alt. with
15 decline rear rows on the bar (think lifting body up off the ground with palms facing the ceiling, touching chest to the bar)

12 alt lunge with cable chest press 25 lbs on each side
followed by 12 alt lunges keeping the 25 lb resistance at each side.

 Plate Pushes and
Abs Circuit to finish

Tonight I made it back for 40 more mins on the elliptical and Janae's spin class. Love it. So so much. It was a great workout day.

This week's exercise of the week is a new lunge/squat combo I've been LOVING. It is killer if you push yourself and do it right!

Isolated Squat Reverse Lunge Combo
Muscles Targeted: MAJOR glute exercise, inner thighs, quads, hamstrings, and core as well. 
Grab a bar. The heavier the better. I did these today with a 50 lb bar.
Put the bar on your shoulders, chest up, abs tight, and legs shoulder width apart.

Start focusing on the right leg.
Do a full squat. Step back with the right leg and do a reverse lunge.
Step back to starting position legs shoulder width apart again and do another full squat. Followed by another reverse lunge on the right leg.
Do 15 of each on the right side and take a lil' breather.

I like to do a plank in between so I'm utilizing my rest time. 
(It's allll about alternating exercises. Maximize your gym time, and get you in and out of there faster.)

Repeat this on the left side doing 15 of each. Your legs should be shakity shaking by the end of each set. If not, your weight isn't heavy enough. As you get tired, really focus on keeping that core tight, and being sure that your form stays correct.
Aim to do three sets on each leg.

Let's hope this internet get's back to normal by tomorrow...Buenos noches.

Did you have any workout highlights for the day? I am guessing my legs are going to be tired tomorrow! Do you ever do two-a-days? Sometimes it just feels right. :)


Jody, RD said...

You "guess" your legs are going to be tired? Ummm... I would pretty much GUARANTEE my legs would be tired after that two-a-day. Awesome job!

Jen said...

Wow, girl! You always have the best workout moves! I like to do abs during my "rest" time too. Like you said, it's all about maximizing the work out time.
Hoping your internet gets back to working!

Julie said...

Sometimes two a days totally feel right!! I love when I get in that groove and feel strong and full of energy...enough to do two workouts!

Thisisme said...

I wish I had the creativity to do an "entire body work out". I think I need to get a PT for a couple weeks to learn some new moves or something!

Mel said...

I usually do 2-a-days on Tue and Thur because I don't like mixing running and weights in the same session

Shauna said...

My friend Jackie sent me over here. LOVE your blog and I am your newest follower :)

Rochelle said...


Karyn said...

great. now that song is going to be stuck in my head!

i LOVE doing two-a-days. i wish i had more time in my day to do them

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