Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here goes a brain dump-ish. 

- The morning started out early, working with some clients that come in together husband and wife style. Precious huh? I know. I weigh them weekly and I think they were both a little disappointed in the fact that they stayed at the same weight. As we talked about it I thought there were some great take away points from our discussion. For those of you who are trying to lose weight, maybe these will help you...

Takeaway #1 
I asked them what they did differently in the past week for the positive or for the negative. As simple as it may sound, nothing changes if nothing changes. If you aren't proactive in your training, in your eating, in your won't reach your goals. We can't think ourselves thinner, or faster, or stronger. 

Takeaway #2
The conversation turned to food, as it often does, and there were a few..."Oh yeah, and I guess I ate this. Oh and I may have had two too many of those...and I forgot about that." Point being, A lil' extra this and that isn't bad every now and then, but when they are frequent all the extras add up. Are you adding in too many "extras?" 

Takeaway #3 
We ended on a positive note. I reminded them that although huge progress may not have been made that week, remind yourself where you would be if you just gave up, if you didn't do anything? That is reason enough to keep at it. Even if it just means maintaining sometimes. You will feel better, look better, have more energy, feel more positive, and enjoy your life more when you are active and eating healthy. 

- I had a client cancel which gave me a little time for a nap. Wow I love sleep. Naps are like little gifts from heaven. Why do kids stop wanting to take them? I don't get it. I had some neighbors decide that an all night dance party with techno BLARING until 4 am was a good idea on Monday night, and I haven't really felt rested since then. Take naps. They are worth it.

- I stole this pic of my nephew and I off my sister's blog...he's adorable.
I was reminded that the relationships with the people I love really are a huge part of my health and happiness. I don't know where I would be with out my incredible family and friends.

- I ate at least 125 grams of protein today. That is unheard of for me. I also drank a ton of water and got in a solid workout. Note to self (and to all of you)
A. Eat well + workout well + hydrate well = feel AWESOME 
B. Eat crappy + feel to tired to workout + no sleep = feel terrible. 
Always pick A. Always.

- I just remembered tomorrow is Friday. I love that feeling.

- You guys had some AWESOME suggestions to add to my Power Up Your Protein Post. I can't wait to do a follow up post, and try some of YOUR awesome ideas! Keep them coming!

- Don't forget to enter the Spring Mix Giveaway if you haven't yet! You have until tomorrow night.

Do you take naps? I love them. So much...but I don't take them nearly as much as I'd like to! Do you feel like your relationships are part of your "health?" 100%. I have to have my peeps in my life! I'd be donezo without them.


Edible Art said...

this is another great post (:

ive been trying to lose 5 pounds, and this week i lost 3 pounds, just by picking up jogging (i run about 10 miles a week) & ive stopped snacking.

im pretty happy (:

Keelie Sheridan said...

I JUST started napping- like within the past year... I have heartily resisted them for the previous 23 years of my life- even as a kid... I can always think of five hundred million things I need to do during that time, but WOW, do naps make you feel better!

And yep- my family, friends and soon-to-be husband (getting married in 8 days! YAY!) are a huge part of my health and wellbeing.

Awesome post!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

you are such an amazing inpsiration to those couples. WOW! They are lucky to know your beautiful heart (and face).

runningonwords said...

I used to nap a lot, but I've found that it really screws up my sleep that night. I think my problem is when I try to power nap I can't fall asleep so I nap for hours and then I feel like garbage.

I admit my husband hinders my diet because he eats like a fat American. Which you can do when you are 6'4" and kind of get away with it in your 20's. I, however, at 5'5" cannot get away with it.

You are right on with all the extras. I really need to cut that out.

Jody, RD said...

I love naps yet I always have a to do list a mile long so I never really allow myself to nap. When I was pregnant my husband used to FORCE me to nap... it was awesome.

I loved the first bullet with your clients. I often talk with my clients about the same thing! They are disappointed when the scale doesn't go down but they aren't upping their game! You get what you put into it :)

Maia said...

do you have an email address? I have some questions for you...

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVE NAPS!! Girl, you are stunningly gorgeous!! I totally agree with that equation.....I just need to remember it more often!!! OH yeah, family and friends is a HUGE part of my happiness. LOVE you and can't wait to see you on MONDAY for our date!

Jen said...

Relationships are a HUGE part of my emotional and mental happiness. I can't think of anything bigger. And once you're a parent you're only as happy as your unhappiest child.
I love napping. Even 20 minutes does wonders for me. And I love your posts. They always encourage me to do better.

Julia said...

I used to nap all the lay down and I would be asleep. I miss those I lay down I can't sleep thinking about all I have to still do...haha! Oh well.

I DEFINITELY think that my relationships make up an important part of who I am. I really don't think I would be who I am without my friends and family.

Thanks for this post...I ate SO crappy yesterday and did not sleep the day before and did not do ANY workout. blah. so right now as I am trying to get ready for work and the is NOT going well...haha! But this post reminded me that I will feel so much better if I just get back on track today :)
have a good day!!

[Red Sox] Wife said...

oh.... naps are the BEST! I take them just about every afternoon when the baby does :) I hope he always takes naps!

Thanks for your advice... I lost the 50 lbs of baby weight and then have been hovering a little over my pre-pragnency weight with about 2-4 pounds to lose :( it is so discouraging since I don't see a change on the scale but you are SO least I am maintaining the loss. And relationships were KEY to my weight loss... especially with my husband who TOTALLY recognized that my happiness was tied into working out and feeling better about myself and is my #1 support.

You are TOO gorgeous for words :)

Melissa said...

I lurveeeee naps! I work at a preschool, so everyday at 12:30 we turn off the lights, put on soothing music, and some days I struggle to keep my eyes open!!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Thank you for this post Megan. I especially love takaway #3.

After losing weight and getting down to a healthy weight it is sometimes hard to accept maintaining. But maintaining is healthy and takes work too.

I 100% think relationships are important to overall health. Have a great weekend.

Angie said...

I am the absolutely awful at taking naps. I will lay there and day dream. If I do fall asleep, I have weird dreams! You sound like a wonderful trainer!

Nichole said...

You just inspired me to get out and run! You are the best! I am so much more motivated because of you! I love power naps! They help me make it through our busy afternoon schedules when I can take them.

I tried that lunge squat combo thing yesterday and loved it! Thanks for all the new ideas! It is always nice to shake it up! I love you!!!!!!

Rene said...

Most def the family plays a huge part in my overall well being. My husband is continually telling me just what I need to hear to stay motivated and knowing my kids are proud of me and look up to me makes it all worth it.
I love me some naps. I have reached that glorious stage in motherhood where my kids are in school. I usually try to grab a quick nap everyday. It is such a luxury and I thouroughly enjoy.

Erin said...

question- I just finished up a marathon about a month ago and am trying to figure out what I want to do exercise wise. I def want to up the weights but I know cardio is important as well. How often should I do cardio and weights? like weights 3x a week plus 2 days of cardio? please help!

Erin said...

what's your e-mail? I wanted to ask you a couple things! love the blog!

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

I absolutely think relationships are part of my health and well-being, my family and friends are the best!

Napping is the best idea ever...even 20 minutes is enough to make me feel like a new person sometimes!!!

I loved every word of this post (duh) and the picture of you and your nephew is too cute!

Carryn said...

I am a VERY big nap fan!

I very much enjoyed this post! I, too, am trying to lose a few pounds and like your tips today: that extras add up and that "if nothing changes, nothing changes!" Good reminder to keep up with the little changes :-)

marathonmaiden said...

"if nothing changes, nothing changes" while i'm not trying to lose weight this strikes home FOR SURE. so true.

i wish i could nap. sadly i think i'm physically unable too. if i could go back in time i'd have some choice words for the 3 year old me who fought the nap.

fashionfitnessfoodie said...

SO SO true. When I eat bad I always want to skip my workouts and always have crazy dreams which equals me feeling miserable!

whitney said...

another excellent (and particularly timely) post. thanks!

ashley & sundance said...

gotta pick A... always pick A... (you'd think it'd be a lot easier than it sounds... lol)

I rarely nap... my body just never stops... but once I lay down in bed... I'd GONE. dead to the world. lol.

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