Sunday, April 17, 2011

When the exercise motivation runs freely...soak it up. Oh, and you know you eat too much Frozen Yogurt when...

I know I talk a lot about how excited I am for warm weather, but it's in good reason. I sincerely think that when it's warmer outside I am more motivated to move! This also means I feel better and usually equates to better eating habits and feeling happier as well. Have you ever heard this song by The Weepies?
I think they wrote it about me.

I love when I have motivating exercise days. Friday was definitely one of those for me. I had a break in between clients Friday morning, so I went over to the gym by my work to do some cardio. Sometimes I work out at work, and sometimes I like to just go unplug and be in my own little world. I had been on the elliptical for about twenty minutes and my sweet friend Cassie came and started ellipticizing next to me. The next 25 mins FLEW by. We just chatted about life and health and being injured and everything else under the sun. We also talked about how fun it is to have someone to work out with. It seriously makes me so happy. Just so you know, I will be your workout buddy ANY DAY.

Workout Motivation Tip #1: Workout with a friend. It makes the time go by so much faster. It will motivate you to work harder. AND you will be more likely to get there and do it if you know someone is going to be there to workout out with you. 

I went back to work for my last couple clients, and then headed home. I was about decided I wanted to do another little bit of cardio because I had the energy and I usually try and do at least 60 mins a day. It makes me feel good, especially on the weekends. I wasn't super stoked about it, but I decided to just get in there and get going and see if I could bust out at least 15 more mins. (I know myself...once I get going I'm good to go.) I got started and was STOKED when Remember The Titans was playing. 50 more mins flew by. I was laughing, crying, was great.

Workout Motivation Tip #2: Find something that can distract you or entertain you. I am a big fan of watching TV while I cardio it out. I ALWAYS have my music on hand. It pumps me up, and I'll just sing along as the time passes by. Also, remember that sometimes it just takes getting yourself going. Commit to doing ten minutes. If at the end of ten you feel like you could go ten more try it, chances are you'll be able to.

I got home from my workout and had some lunch...a Strawberry Banana Protein Shake and my Guiltless Chips and Salsa.
Post lunch, I was working on some writing stuff, and two of my friends called me to come and hike the Y with them. In UT we have a lot of big beautiful mountains, and on the mountain right by my house there is a trail leading up to a giant "Y" which is quite the steep little hike.
This photo may help give you a little insight. It really is steep. The hike is only about 1.2 miles, but your legs are burning by the time you get to the top. It was SUCH a beautiful day it felt awesome to be out in the sunshine burning some calories. 
Here is the view from the top taken with my phone.
 I decided when we got up there, that my goal for this summer is to be able to run all the way up to the top of the Y without stopping. It's only 1.2 miles but it is STEEP. I feel this is going to help my legs get into bangin' shape! My game plan? Start at the base and run as far as I can without stopping. I'm going to do it 2-3 times a week and just keep building up that endurance. My hip BETTER not get in the way of this.

Workout Motivation Tip #3 Coming...hang in there...

Last night I went and watched my friend Jan fight. He played football for BYU as a defensive end for four years and is now an MMA fighter.
 (I dressed up as him for Halloween a couple of years ago. The costume went over really well in Utah Valley. We have a lot of die hard Cougar fans in these parts.) 
Let me just say, I'm not a huge fan of fighting. It makes me nervous. I don't like when people fight for reals, why would I like it when people fight for sport? Can't we all just get along? I guess not.
One of the highlights of being at the fights was running into the DARLING Kristy, from Sweet Treats and More. Her husband played football with Jan and they are really good friends. If you haven't checked out her blog go there now it is every bit as darling and delightful as she is!
Anyways...Jan is an incredible athlete, and did awesome in his fight, winning in just over a minute. He is one of the most mild, even tempered people I know. Not the personality of what I would consider a "fighter" to be, but he doesn't do it to get all crazy and aggressive on someone. He does it because he is a competitive athlete and he loves it.

Workout Motivation Tip #3: Find something you love to do! Whether you are going outside for a scenic hike, knocking someone out (k...probably not that) running, playing basketball, riding a bike, WHATEVER. If you don't like to do it you will dread it. On the other hand, if you love it exercise won't be a chore for you. It will just be a way of life. You will look forward to it, and it will have more benefits than just calorie burn.

Whatever your motivation for working out may be, find what works for you! 

On a side note...remember Michael, the owner of Yogurtland who did the AWESOME giveaway for us back in March? Well he posted this on my FB wall the other day.
Don't worry. SB and I made it in to Yogurtland yesterday. It's good to know that my Yogurt people are looking out for me.
I ended up with a combo of peanut butter, cookies and cream and pistachio with bananas and granola.

What is it that keeps you motivated? Do you workout with friends? Do you watch TV? Do you do what you really love? I love to workout with friends. It's so much more fun that way. I am also all about the cardio with the TV and music, or just a good run outside. Aside from home/work who would notice first if you were to go missing? I'd say for me it's a three way tie between the gym, The Pizza Factory, and Yogurtland.


Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

It was so fun seeing you! Thanks for the shout-out, you are too sweet.

Jan is seriously the most even tempered, gentle big guy I know. I love that you dressed up as him for Halloween.

Hope to see you again soon!!

Allie said...

I am entirely self motivated! Most of my friends (and hubs) think I'm crazy for exercising like I do. I think if I were to go missing, the hubs would probably notice first, followed by my mom (she gauges if I'm alive by reading my blog lol).

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What a beautiful hike to have right by your house! I'm jealous! Love that the yogurtland people have your back!

Stephanie said...

Too cool! You know...I'm not totally in love with people fighting (I'm with you on the can't we all get along) but I'm always so surprised at how great of men/people those fighters are. I don't think they see the actual "fight" the way we peaceful ladies see it. :) Where does Jan fight out of? I'm pretty much obsessed with UFC/MMA fighters right now. The locals love me here now that I wrote that post about fighters. :)haha

Rene said...

This blog helps me stay motivated. I was craving a snack and about to head to the kitchen. Now I'm going to make some tortillas and salsa. (what's your opinion on corn v. whole wheat flour tortillas?
Sonic (where I get a daily Diet DP fix) would definitley miss me if I dropped off the face of the planet).

Destiny said...

You always look so tan in your photos! How do you do it? Haha!

and p.s. I'm ADDICTED to your blog. Your tips and recipes are WONDERFUL. Please don't stop :]

Julia said...

bahaha! I LOVE that the yogurtland peeps have been looking for you. It makes me sad that I never run into you there. I will probably be there at least 1 of the next 3 days :)

Workout motivation is definitely all the things you mentioned...friends top the list and definitely my music!! and just the feeling it gives me. I feel so much more focused and awake after working out.

Also...I just did a little squeal when I saw that you know Jan. I am pretty much obsessed with BYU football.

And I think you are crazy intense to run the Y. eeek. you are hard core!!

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

Good things on T.V. keep me motivated. On the weekends I often find myself planning my workouts around show schedules :-)

You kicked some serious booty on Friday! Definitely motivated me for the upcoming week, thanks Megan!

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

I'm so glad I finally ran in to you! It was so nice to have someone to talk to while I worked out.

I think I get my best workout when I'm in a high intensity class like cycle or kickboxing. I try to jump higher, pedal faster, punch harder then the person next to me :) Or when I'm doing one of your circuit's of course :)

Julie said...

I love workout motivation tip #3. My family and I spent all of September finding different workouts to do each day of the month. There was some tire flipping involved...some frisbee...belly dancing...hackie sack...we had a BLAST!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Great post! The main thing that keeps me motivated to workout is simply knowing how great I feel when I finish and the sense of accomplishment. I feel healthy and happy.

I would love to go hiking with you sometime. Can you believe I haven't ever hiked the y? I know crazy right.

Have a great week! :)

[Red Sox] Wife said...

Jan Jorgensen doing MMA? craszy. I have students that do that stuff and it just terrifies me to see their faces all beat up. I have GOT to take my baby up to hike the "Y" before he gets too big and the weather gets too hot! thanks for the workout motivation...watching the boston marathon or just other people working out is my biggest motivation (hellooo biggest loser!)

and that yogurtland thing made my day... SO funny that they were wondering where you were??? you should make them an EC. And I think running the Y would be SO hard! But I would love to join you in that challenge. Talk about hillwork!!


Stefanie D. said...

Ooooh, that hike sounds intense. I have actually never hiked the Y. I know, how have I lived in Utah my entire life and never done that?? I've probably hiked just about everywhere else, with the exception of hiking to the top of Timp. I hear that is super intense as well. :) Maybe our next blogger meet up should be a hike, and a fro-yo date after??

Thisisme said...

I'm so totally jealous of your UT backdrops!!

Hahah, I'm pretty sure my froyo peeps would notice first!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, you know you have a yogurt problem when you get called out for not being seen there! I love it!

Thanks for your list of motivations. Mine is in short supply right now because I've been training for this half FOREVER and I keep getting injured. And I'm tired. I will keep your list in mind when I force my butt out of bed in the early morning.

ashley & sundance said...

Umm.. is it weird that I texted you about Jan before I read this post?? lol. crazy. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristy. She is a sweetheart. and has the CUTEST little boy!

and I've never hiked the Y... this should be remedied soon-ish.

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

Haha, it would definetly be the gym!

I totally have that same goal for the Y someday. It will happen.

I decided I should run the whole thing at least once when Ben and I were hiking it one time, and we saw this intense runner dude run up and down it 3!!!!! times during the course of us just hiking up it once! Mind you, we are speedy hikers. OMG right!?!

Monica Whitney said...

Thanks for the tips! I totally needed to hear those.

And good luck on running the Y! Those switch-backs are doozies.

Anonymous said...

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