Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Flashback & Some Holiday Survival

I LOVE Halloween. Ok, I love all holidays. To determine which holiday is my favorite at the moment, I usually just say the holiday that is coming up next. SB and I have been planning our Halloween party for the year for the past month and a half. We decided we wanted to do a WWII themed party at SB's cabin, and the only requirement was that you HAD to dress up. It was a lot of work! However, it was SO much fun! I dressed up as a nurse.
I was SO impressed with how much effort everyone put into their costumes. Dressing up makes everything so much more fun.
We had quite a spread of food. There was a good combo of healthy food and Halloween sweets.
The main dish was chili and corn bread, with a side salad.
Like I many great costumes...

 A necessary photo shoot...

 And a murder mystery of epic proportions.
I have decided that Halloween parties should always involve men in uniforms. It just feels right. ;)

On a healthier note; let's talk about Halloween.
Tomorrow is the big day...A client of mine and I discussed how Halloween really sets the tone for the whole holiday season as far as eating healthy and getting into a good routine goes. Many people feel as if they struggle with eating well during Halloween they can't get themselves back in line by Thanksgiving and then they just give up altogether before Christmas. Don't let this be your fate!! Think of the progress you could make in the matter of two months, and even if you have a set back here or there giving up altogether is NOT the way to go.

Set some goals for yourself for the holiday season. Instead of thinking that you will just start over come January, don't lose two months when you could be making progress or even just maintaining a healthy lifestyle instead of packing on the holiday pounds.

Read HERE for last year's post on surviving Halloween.
Have a GREAT and SPOOKY Halloween, and don't eat too much candy! ;)

What are your Halloween plans? What is your goal going to be for the Holiday Season?


Rachelle Wardle said...

Such fun pictures Megan. Thanks for sharing.

Suz and Allan said...

This is a wonderful idea. I LOVE World War II themed events! You guys did an amazing job!

Ali said...

Oh I love Halloween! Such a cute idea for a party. And you look gorgeous!

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