Monday, October 17, 2011

A Winning Monday

Today is the day. 
Let's just cut to the chase. The winner of October's Sickeningly Sweet Music Mix Giveaway is #44 Stacy from "Ben and Stacy"
She said...
I love this idea! It probably appeals to me because I wear black all the time...anyways...Congrats Stacy email me at megolina21 at and I'll get you your tunes!

Happy Monday to every one! I'm feeling unusually optimistic for a Monday. Maybe it's because I got in a great workout this morning? Maybe it's because I'm very happy that it isn't snowing? Maybe it's because I'm wearing my new colored jeans which makes me feel like a kid again (we were all about the colored Gap denim at my house) Maybe it's because my b-day is on Friday? Who knows. It doesn't matter; I'll take the optimism.

Monday's Workout:

30 mins of intervals on the elliptical

Lifted legs & Shoulders
3 sets of each alternating between exercises

Set #1
12 squats with leg press on sled 270 lbs (If you aren't doing these, start now. One of THE BEST exercises in my opinion. You engage SO many muscles, burn LOTS of calories, load up the weight, and tone a million things at once.)
alt with
single leg balancing front raise with 25 lb plate

Set #2
12 step ups with an overhead press with 15 lb db's
alt with
12 step ups just holding db's
alt with
12 single leg reverse lunges on physio ball with right leg
alt with
12 single leg reverse lunges on physio ball with left leg

Set #3
15 Squat throws with a 18 lb med ball (I. LOVE. THESE. just ask my clients)
alt with
20 Med ball throw downs (working the core and shoulders)
alt with
12 Upright row to a dead lift with 20 lb db's

20 more minutes on the elliptical...called it a schweaty day.

Can I just bring up something real quick...Since my Ipod is out of commission (may it rest in peace) I am at the mercy of whatever music the gym happens to be playing while I lift. I can use pandora on my phone as I do cardio, thank goodness. However...while I lift I get whatever is on. Today this song came on...
I'm sorry...Maybe "private eyes, watching you" wasn't a creepy term in 1981, but I feel like I'm not alone in saying it is now. Maybe we have Hall and Oates to blame for all the crazy peeping toms born in the 1980's? No?

Anyways...GUESS WHAT? I have another AWESOME contest/giveaway to announce today!! Two of my FAVORITE things in life combined. Wahoo!

I hope your Monday is looking as optimistic as mine is! :) xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

That song and Every Breath You Take by The Police go hand in hand. Perfect Stalker songs. I'm uber excited about your giveaway.

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