Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Saturday Smattering

Happy Saturday Y'all. One of my favorite days of the week. Here is a smattering of my thoughts for the day.

- I have been DREAMING of going on a warm vacation. More like salivating over the thought of it...What I wouldn't do to be the winner of some fabulous beach resort vacation right now. I even started flipping through some of my warm weather vacation photos from this past year...

I mean come on...wouldn't you rather be doing THIS 
 or THIS?
Instead of THIS? all honesty this winter hasn't been too bad at all. (That pic is from last year.) AND if you can't tell I am HATING my life on that tube. I wouldn't mind a warm Lake Powell trip though, sans death defying tube. I'm much more of a boat lounger. :) Let's just say I'm ready for spring already. I want shorts and flip flops and tanned skin. I'm over boots.

- My parents are in town this weekend. I love when that happens. :)
- I watched Whitney Houston's funeral while I worked out this morning. It made me a) remember how great some of her songs are b) feel sad that so many celebs ruin their lives and waste such amazing talent c) wanna dance with somebody. Don't worry I got ready to the greatest of Whitney Houston this afternoon and that CD is fabulous.
- I have to speak at Stake Conference tomorrow. Major butterflies. It is a semi-annual meeting my church holds in which ohhh about a thousand or so people meet together. Like I said, butterflies.
- I had a client bring me some fresh ground Kamut flour to make whole wheat bread, and I'm hoping to be able to make it and post the recipe tomorrow! YUM! What smells better than fresh baked bread? Not much. Maybe cinnamon rolls.
- Modern Family makes me smile.

That's all. Happy Saturday!

xoxoxo Megs

Are you ready for warm weather? Ever baked with Kamut Flour?


Janetha @ meals + moves said...

wow, speaking in STAKE conference! good luck! i hated speaking in church when i was younger. what are you speaking on?

ashley & sundance said...

definitely ready for warmer weather. seven peaks date?? yes please.

Suz and Allan said...

Hope speaking at Stake Conference went well! I'm ready for a warm weather vacation too. Sun, sand, and water stat!

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