Monday, February 20, 2012

What I love about Sundays

One thing I miss about being a kid/living at home is definitely Sundays. I used to love going to church with my family, coming home and putting on my sweats, taking a nap, waking up to the smell of mom cooking an awesome dinner, getting to lounge and watch movies, and finishing the evening with a fabulous dessert. With my parents being in town this weekend it was almost like old times. Young times? You get it.

Here are a few things I love about Sundays...

Being DONE speaking at stake conference. Man, that was scary. It was a great experience though.

Sunday dinner of COURSE. Thank you mom, it was delicious. Garlic roasted veggies, roasted red potatoes, Swiss chicken, and fresh fruit. All favorites. It was so good. I devoured every single bite! Nothing like a good, healthy, home cooked meal!
I got to lounge around in all of my lazy/pajama wearing/Sunday rest day glory. I watched the old parent trap. Helloooo pocket sized Haley Mills. I can't wait for you to grow up and become Miss Bliss. I really do love this old flick. It's such a good one. 
 My mom topped the evening off by whipping up a batch of my FAVORITE Low Fat Zucchini Cookies. Man, these are so good. If you haven't made them yet, please set aside all important obligations and do so now. They are worth EVERY bite. I can tell you that much.

I just have to say one thing. Ben is the most boring bachelor EVER. He makes awful decisions. Also,'re darling, but wipe off about 9/10ths of that makeup. K? That is all. 

What do you love about Sundays? Is Sunday your rest day? Did you get the holiday off today? I worked, mainly because I am here, and I would rather not interrupt my clients schedule if possible! I did get to spend some time with the family which was AWESOME. 

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becomingrene said...

I love my family time. My hubs is at church about 3 hours before the rest of the fam but the kids and I wake up whenever (we don't have church til 1) and just laze around til it's time to get ready. It's the one day of week we don't allow any other activities to interfere with our family time.

Amberlin Bodily said...

I laughed so hard about the boring Ben thing too because I whole heartedly agree...I have felt like I have needed to force myself to watch it this season..and thats why there were keeping Courtney was to add some kind of hoopla to this stupid season.

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