Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exercise of the Week: A SWEET Leg Combo

I think I talk about squats a lot, but all in good reason.
A. Because they are amazing and they get EVERY muscle in your lower body.
B. Because they work.
C. Because I love them.

So if you feel like I talk about squats a lot. That is why.

Now that that is out of the way. If you're needing a new leg workout to revamp your gams give this a shot.

-1 set of 15 squats (Add weights here. Make these challenging and make sure you use good form)
-1 set of step up lunges on a bench or chair. Do 12 on each leg. (use weights here as well. keep those abs tight and controlled)
-1 set of 15 jump squats (start low, explode up, land low and repeat)
- 1 set of reverse lunges. 12 on each leg. (Hold weights on your shoulders to increase difficulty.)
-1 one minute wall sit.

Repeat this once or twice more. (as much as you can handle!) Don't forget to stretch out those legs after.


Brit said...

Hey girlie. Just thought I would let you know I tried that strawberry banana smoothie and it was really yummy!

Jessica said...

Maybe I am retarded, but how do you do a reverse lunge?