Friday, June 12, 2009

I Heart Kelly Rippa

Ok. SO. I am always perusing the web for innovative workout ideas, new exercises to try, and more efficient ways to get the job done. As I was searching the other night I came across a workout routine claiming to be one of Kelly Rippa's workouts. Now, I say claiming because let's be honest. There is NO credibility here. BUT, that said, the workout is still pretty sweet. So, beit Kelly's or not I still like it. Let it be known, I think Kelly Rippa is ADORABLE. She's in amazing shape, but she doesn't look sickly. She looks strong. Obviously she's got a trainer, and I'm sure she probably has someone telling her exactly what to eat, when to rest, and when to splurge. We don't all have that luxury, but we can try to work out like her, right?
(That was all of you responding back to me with extreme enthusiasm!!)
What I like about this workout is each movement is targeting several muscle groups. This makes for an intense, yet efficient workout; Just like I like it. For some exercises, I attached videos to help better explain the steps. (Sometimes words and pics just don't do justice.)

Go through this entire sequence three times doing 12-15 reps of each exercise.

Squat and rotational row; works butt, legs, back, and biceps

Begin by holding two dumbbells in front of you with your palms facing towards your legs in a regular standing position. Squat down keeping proper form (click HERE for a reminder on that if you need it!) After you come back up from your squat don't come to a complete standing position. Keep your back at an angle and do your rotational row. While pulling your elbows back like they are going to touch behind you, rotate your palms so they are facing up. You should be squeezing those upper back muscles. Release and rotate your palms back down, go into your next squat.

Rotational lunge; works legs and core

Begin by holding a dumbbell or medicine ball in front of you. (I'd say 10 lbs is probably good, increase if you're feeling daring.) Step forward into a lunge, go deep, and at the bottom of your lunge rotate over the front of your lunging leg. Example: if you lunge forward with your right leg, rotate to the right, over the top of that right leg. Rotate back to the center and step back to standing position. Repeat on the other leg.

One-legged hip lift; works hamstrings, butt, and abs

This one is kindof hard to explain, but see THIS video attached for instruction.

Sit-up to stand; works abs and legs

For these ones you're doing just what the name says. Starting on the ground and standing up. Hold a med ball or dumbbell in your hands. Lie down and start with the weight over your head. Use a little bit of the momentum to squeeze those abs to sit up, and then go to a standing position. Go back down and repeat. Click HERE for a video description.

Push-up with rotation; works abs, arms, upper back, and chest

These ones are AWESOME. Seriously love them. You can do them without weights to start if you're feeling like that is too much. Start in the beginning of a pushup. Do one full pushup and then lift your right arm of the ground making it perpendicular with the floor. Return to the starting pushup position and do the whole sequence opening with the left arm. Click HERE for a video description.

Inchworm and push-up; works chest, arms, and core

With this one you are doing a regular inchworm, but adding in a pushup at the bottom to increase muscles worked. Click Here for a demo video.


Karrissa Winward said...

I think I am going to do this on Monday after my walk! Wish me luck and I will tell you how it goes!

Nichole said...

I need to do this! Who looks better than Kelly Rippa?