Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quick Chicken Quesadillas

So...I know I promised coming back with renewed vigor, and I still fully plan on it I promise. But, I'm in AZ with the fam right now, and much playing has been in order. Where there is much playing there is little blogging. One night we were in a rush for dinner and so my mom and Linds decided to whip up some quick chicken quesadillas for us. So easy. So good. They prep work went as follows.

-Grab yourself a whole wheat tortilla. My favorite brand is the La Tortilla Factory brand. My mom has had a hard time finding these, so FYI if you follow the link I posted on the blog post about the tortillas you can look on thier website and find the store closest to you that sells them.
-Heat up the tortilla and put a little bit of cheese on it. (you really don't need much)
-Shred up some Costco canned chicken. (I was skeptical about this at first...but it was good, I promise! AND a great way to get some easy lean protien.)
-My mom had made a batch of her healthy Black Bean Salsa, so I put a heaping spoonful on top and call it good. It's SO flavorful! If you don't have the time to bust out the salsa recipe grab one of your favorite fresh salsa's from the store. (Costco's mango salsa is SO good!)