Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paleo Day 1...check.

Thanks so much for your comments, tips, and concerns with my last post. I know that everyone has had different experiences with the way the choose to eat and exercise, and I love hearing all about it! I know some people are wondering what exactly I will be eating for the next 21 days as I explore the Paleo way of life. I won't be posting all of it, but I have a great feeling that some good new recipes will be coming out of this, so I'm going to share some of my eating with y'all.

3 whole eggs with some seasoning sprinkled on top
A handful of grape tomatoes

A Big Ole' Salad
Organic baby spinach, lightly steamed broccoli and carrots, 4 oz of hormone free diced chicken, 1/4 small hass avocado, and some salsa for dressing. 
a handful of blackberries

a medium sized braeburn apple

Grilled Chicken
roasted asparagus drizzled in olive oil sprinkled with sea salt and garlic
and about 6 almonds and some grape tomatoes I snacked on while I waited for dinner to cook

sliced strawberries and a few blackberries
I wasn't hungry when I went to bed, but I did find myself wishing I had some frozen yogurt. Not out of  hunger, but out of a love for the cold goodness! 

My workout for the day was a two mile recovery run...and that is it. 
I exercised my mouth a lot as we GASPED at the bachelor's women tell all last night. My goodness, welcome to crazy town. 

Do you ever use salsa in place of dressing? I used to all the time, and I kinda forgot about it. SO delicious. 


MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

Looks like some good eats! I can't wait to see how eating Paleo goes for you!

Anonymous said...

Looks delish. I'm going to do that for the hubs next week. Was it weird using 3 WHOLE eggs? I'm so used to the 1 egg/2 egg white combo. Good luck. Can't wait to see how Paleo works.

Amanda said...

How is eating paleo going? I'm very intrigued by this - more details please!


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