Friday, August 3, 2012

Hikes, Babes, and Polka Dots.

1) Hikes. 
I worked out with one of my AWESOME clients yesterday morning, and we did a high intensity circuit workout that made my legs burn real good...yet, for some reason on my drive home from work I was REALLY itching to hike the Y. It is a great little hike if you are looking for something to completely burn your legs and your lungs all at once. It is one mile to the top, and the incline is insane.
 I decided to go for it. The view from the top is SO pretty! My legs were already tired from my workout with Tycee, and the hike was like the basketball sized cherry on top. A little part of me wanted to try and run it, but I decided against it with my foot still not being %100. I made it up in 20:35 and back down in 13:12. A solid half hour of cardio for the day!
2) Babes: 
For lunch I met up with two of my favorite friends, Janae and Ashley. I think we laughed for like two hours straight. We talked about just about everything under the sun, and we could have kept going. Isn't Janae just the darlingest little preggers you've ever seen? She still runs like 8-10 daily and she is due in a few weeks...NBD. Here BABE is going to come out wearing mini Nike Free's I can see it now.
 These are some of the only girls I know that can hold their own against me in salad bar construction. These are also some of the only girls that don't judge me when I take 15 minutes at the salad bar to construct my masterpiece. YUM. I could eat that every day...and sometimes I do.
 3) Polka dots. 
So for a few months now I have been OBSESSED with these jeans from Anthropologie.
Tell me those aren't to die for? I just couldn't seem to bring myself to spend a couple hundred dollars on a pair of pants that could possibly make me look like myself circa 1994 (May ALL of my stretch pants of old rest in peace). Well, yesterday I decided to take matters into my own hands. My mom and sister and I Anthropologized our own polka dot pants...and voila.
I feel good about it. I love a good DIY.

I am off to AZ for a couple days tomorrow! Wahoo!!


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Those really are the cutest pants in the world and they will look so good on you. I really need to look into baby Nike Frees:) I had so much fun with you and what I said about coming back.... I totally meant it:) LOVE YOU and thanks for the best lunch date ever!

Merediths said...

I am always amazed at your salad bar masterpieces...beets seem to be a mainstay. So my question is, What nutritional value do beets have? I have looked on canned beets- and honestly there is nothing to them. So oh wise Megan- convert me to beets!

Trav and Linds said...

Loved all my Meggie time!

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