Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't Weight!

Well...I'm a little disappointed in myself. I can't believe I've made it through all these months of blogging without writing about the topic I feel most passionate about...weight lifting! I think because i talk about it all day long with my clients i feel like i talk about it all day long to everyone (which i probably do...sorry to those who've heard it all...) There are just so many benefits that come from lifting weights.
1. You'll lose body fat. You'll tone up your physique and this in turn will improve the way you look, and feel.
2.You'll increase your metabolism. The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn at rest. For each lb of muscle you have on your body you burn about 35-50 calories. So, increase that muscle and you turn your body into a fat burning machine :)
3. You'll become stronger and you WON'T BULK UP....i promise...on my life. The most common concern i hear from the women i work with is their fear of becoming bulky from increasing the weight they are lifting. Well rest assured, its physiologically impossible. Women don't have enough testosterone in their bodies to increase their muscle mass like men do. So push yourself, increase your weight, and you'll become smaller. TONED!
4. You'll decrease your risk of getting Osteoporosis. Women start to decrease in bone density around age 35. When you engage in weight bearing exercise you increase your bone density by stimulating the bone to produce new cells, thus avoiding brittle bones & Osteoporosis.
5. You'll reduce your risk of; injury, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, depression, etc. etc. etc.
...so how much how often? I recommend women lift weights three times a week. Hitting all muscle groups, doing 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Using weight heavy enough that by the end of your last set your muscles feel fatigued.
And of course...my testimonial...I've always loved working out, but it wasn't until about two years ago that i started really getting into lifting weights, consistently lifting three times a week, really pushing myself. As I really stuck to this routine I saw a change in my body composition...and now I'm officially addicted. Give it a try, don't be afraid of the weights (they're not just for the body builders). Its never too late to start!!!


Mike & Nicole said...

Megan! How the heck are you? I found you on both Lindsey and Chelsey's blogs. Your blog is so great... I think I will be reading it often. I have added you to my friends list and I hope you don't mind:)

Nichole said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I need something to kick my butt in gear!

The Gunters said...

basically i love your blog and i love you. i need to get in the shape for the wedding. i have three weeks!i need you to be my personal trainer, right now im eating cookie dough..... hmmm.. anyway i love you more than words can express

The Smith Clan said...

Hey Meg, thanks for the pep talk on weights! I need that !

Emilie said...

How long have I been in the dark about you entering the blogging world with your own blog?!!! HI FRIEND! I miss you! Can you come be my trainer? You are amazing. Love and miss you!